Zelda Shoulder Bag with machine embroidery (Gabby Bag Pattern Review)

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Zelda Shoulder Bag with machine embroidery (Gabby Bag Pattern Review)

So I’ve had a string a creative of mishaps and projects that just don’t seem to be coming together. It happens from time to time. When it does I look for a project that I just follow instructions and is finishable in a day or two. A little success tends to get my mojo running for other projects. I figured, why not make the April Bag of the Month in, you know, APRIL. This month’s bag is The Gabby from Janelle MacKay at Emmaline Bags.

I cut into my coveted and hoarded Zelda Comic book fabric and I think it was so worth it!

ZeldaShoulderBag (4)

Look how cute this bag is from the side!


Unlike some of the previous bag of the month projects (see them here and here), I didn’t make very many edits to this one at all. There were a few edits required due to adding the machine embroidery at the top of both sides of the bag. I also added an adjustable strap, but now that I see it all together, I may go back and remove that. We’ll see.

Other than a wonderful customer service experience from a bag hardware order I made a few months back, I’m not very familiar with Janelle. After following her pattern, I would venture to guess that she has quite a bit of experience, possibly garment sewing? This pattern has a lot of nice touches that feel like extra steps, but really lead to a nice professional looking finish. There are absolutely tips and tricks in this pattern that I will reuse in other projects.

As with most patterns that use foam, at some point my machine and I get very frustrated with the density of layers. This pattern is no exception. Towards the end, I broke two needles and constantly fought skipped stitches and bobbin pulls. I’m not really sure what to do about that other than consider a more industrial machine if I’m going to continue to do this kind of work.

I really dig the inside of this bag. My things fit just fine with plenty of room. I made a few small adjustments to the inside of the bag like adding a pen/chapstick pocket and resizing the zipper pocket to hold my phone. I picked this print because I had it on hand it and “kind of” matched. I regret that a tiny bit, I’m sure I could have found something I loved better. It will do just fine though.



Due to the foam issues, I probably won’t tackle this one again any time soon. I will say though that I’m so glad I did it the first time. First and foremost, I learned some things. I picked up some great tips and made a few mistakes I learned from. The other first and foremost is I really do dig this bag. The thing I hate (the foam) really gives it a lovely shape that it holds nicely even when full. It has nice pockets, a super cool print, and some machine embroidery. I think that puts it firmly in my wheelhouse. It is already loaded up and ready to take its first walk out into the world tomorrow.



The Embroidery File

As always, you’re welcome to use my file if you would like to. Both sides stitch out together in a large ( 7 x 12) hoop. If you don’t have an option for a large hoop, it would be an easy split at the triforce that you could do with your machine embroidery software.


  1. At first glance I thought to myself What? But then I scrolled backup and got a better look – it is a neat bag for sure. Just not sure about the white zipper – in my mind I’m thinking, if that was mine I would get that zipper dirty in a flash. The purse really grows on you.

  2. That is a great bag! The added embroidery really makes it fun.

  3. Oh man that Zelda fabric (and embroidery) totally make the bag! It turned out so cute!

  4. Love it! Maybe I should cut into my stash of this fabric…eventually. 😉


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