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Size: 13.5″ x 16″

21 5″ x 7″ machine hoopings

273,931 stitches + manual lead lines

182 color changes/stops

Big big big numbers eh?? Had I looked at those numbers before I started, I may not have been so anxious to get going! If you’d like to follow along with my experience through this project, start with the beginning post linked below. They will all lead from one to the next. If you’re anxious and don’t care one bit how I made this work, skip right to “the files” and download to your heart’s content!

WWIT: Zelda Stained Glass Embroidered Denim Shirt, Ideas and Shopping

If you’re a Wind Waker fan, you’ll recognize this artwork nearly immediately. My memory is foggy – but if it is correct, the stained glass art pieces were concept/marking pieces released with the original game in 2003. Over the years, I’ve seen this recreated in fan...

WWIT: Zelda Stained Glass Embroidered Denim Shirt, Digitizing

Want to know everything about this project? Start the beginning by accessing the index of all posts. Here is one of those times in life that it is a good thing I don’t really know what I’m getting into until I’m already in it. To get started I needed to decide the...

WWIT: Zelda Stained Glass Embroidered Denim Shirt, An embroidery story.

So now I’ve survived  the shopping and the digitizing. I’ve spent a ton of hours, arguably years, preparing. I can only think of one thing appropriate for this moment: Let me be real a minute. This embroidery project was always on the cusp of failure. Despite the fact...

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