World of Warcraft Undercity Hearthstone

World of Warcraft Undercity Hearthstone

Throwback Thursday seems like a good time to show you one of my Dragon Con accessories from two years back.


I really like the hearthstone. For those you that don’t play, it is an item you keep in your virtual bag. You bind it to an inn keeper in a town you want to return to “warp style”.  There’s kind of wistfulness to it, like the Ruby Red slippers from Wizard of Oz. I’ve been known to call it “The No Place Like Home Stone”.

I may not be a cos-player, but I do understand the need for detail on even the smallest of accessories. I was going for authentic, but a bit more grown up. I was thinking something I wear to work just as easily as with my favorite Horde Tshirt. All of the accessories and chain are sterling silver. The stone itself hides a silver wire twisted through the center to make sure it is study and not in any danger of falling apart.

wowhearthstone (2)

In the game, the stone magically binds to the inn keeper with no change in appearance. I couldn’t help but think, if it were real life, there would likely be a physical change to the stone when it is bound to different inn keepers thus the dog tags. It was a my first time working with metal and pressing lettering. I bought some low-end metal stamps and a few brass plates for practice. One I was happy with my stamping ability, I stamped NORMAN into one sterling silver tag and UNDERCITY into the other. OK OK, I hear you! Undercity is a pretty useless place to bind yourself to. I love the city. It is likely my favorite place in Azeroth. If it were reasonable in any way, it would always be my home base. Since I’m not actually USING the stone, it seemed like adding a nod to old forsaken Norman an ok choice for an accessory.

wowhearthstone (3)

Finally, the stone itself is polymer clay textured with a rock from my planter outside. I used gray and brown paint to give it the true rock look and cut in the swirl.

wowhearthstone (4)

At the time, I really wanted to find a way to light the swirl with LEDs, but in retrospect I’m glad that didn’t work out. No one wants batteries on their jewelry! Well, maybe I do, but not “serious” jewelry. hahaha, serious hearthstone jewelry. I’m so broken!


See you at the con!

wowhearthstone (5)


  1. I am a fellow quilter and a fellow wow fan. I love that necklace! Any plans to sell some on Etsy?

    • Wow! Thanks! That’s such a great compliment.

      No, no selling plans. Mostly because I’d have to buy everything retail then sell it, it would cost way more than I think normal people would be willing to pay. Maybe one day, I’ll have a wholesale license and enough time to do it all. 🙂

  2. A crafter & a WoWer *high fives* … Love this necklace, but how on earth did you get the pin into the stone?

    • Thank you! It’s always extra awesome when fans like it.

      Here’s one of those times when I knew what I meant, but didnt articulate it well. The hearthstone is made from polymer clay. I created a file and foil center with wire hooks on the top and bottom before covering it in clay, no drilling or craziness required. I used the rock from the yard to press texture into the clay before it was cured. I had tried many ways to make it look like a stone, but at the end of the day, the best way was to just beat it with a real stone. ha!


What say you?