Wonder Woman themed Sew Together Bag & Giveaway

Wonder Woman themed Sew Together Bag & Giveaway

It’s Sew Mama Sew’s give-a-way  day! This is my favorite blog event of the year. I just love all of the good will and discovery flying around left and right. I wanted to do something special for my winner. I recently received a Sew Together Bag as a gift and loved it so much, that I bought the pattern and made one for a friend swap I participated in. It’s so much fun to make, and I swear, the best. bag. ever. For give-a-way day, I’m going to make another one for my winner! That’s right, a custom, just for you, to your taste, sew together bag!


Wonder Woman Sew Together Bag Story

Let me share the story of the Wonder Woman themed Sew Together bag then you’ll find all of the give-a-way details, including how to enter at the end of this post.

I honestly didn’t know a lot about my partner in the gift swap that I made this bag for. I did gather from looking through her flickr account that she was a Patriots fan. I know that football fans tend to get inundated with gift themed in their favorite team. I decided that I would try to make this bag very much inspired by the Patriots, but not with literal Patriot fabric or logos. The lines on the front and back of the bag are supposed to be the ringers that would see on a vintage jersey or tshirt, like this one:


Here’s the thing though – when I finished this bag, I didn’t see Patriots at all. I see Wonder Woman which, as a big fat geek, makes this bag about 1000x times cooler to me. Check out the inside of this thing before and after finishing:



This bag nearly ended in disaster. I had it all finished and ready to package up to send out (on time, mind you!) when I pulled the main zipper closed one last time. A terrible thing happened, the pull came right off in my hands. ACK! What to do, what to do?? I knew I wasn’t going to take out and replace the zipper so I had to come up with a new plan. I looked through my stash and found a faux pearl. One head pin and a pair of pliers later – problem solved, awesome +1.


 I really dig this bag and its Americana theme, regardless of it you see Wonder Woman or the Patriots!


The Give Away

(special note: I wanted to link you to Sew Demented’s pattern, but it is no longer on Craftsy. If you know where to purchase it, let me know, I’ll share it here

UPDATE: You guys are awesome. The pattern is on her new site! Tell me, why did I google like mad to find her and never simply tried sewdemented.com?? Sometimes I wonder about myself, ha! )

I want to make one of these bags for you! Maybe you want a super cool Wonder Woman version (I still have some of these fabrics!), maybe you’d rather have something in the purple family, maybe you’ve seen one on someone’s blog that you just love, or maybe you have a specific fabric you’d like to see in it. To enter the giveaway, tell me what you’d like your bag to be inspired by in the comments. Are you a new or existing follower? Add second comment telling me how you follow for two chances.

This give-away is closed to new entries. Congratulations IN THE BOON DOCKS – see the announcement!

Please note:

I will make this bag after a winner is selected and you will not receive it within a week of selection. Expect your customized bag to be shipped mid to late June.

Yes! I will ship domestically (USA) and internationally.

I will send you an email notifying you of your win on Saturday May 17th. If you’re not logged in as a wordpress commenter, please be sure to check your typed email for accuracy. I’ll make best attempts possible to contact you, but will move to a second winner if I’m unable to. If you’re the winner, you must claim your prize by responding to your notification email no later than Tuesday May 20 at noon EST. If the first winner does not respond, a second winner will be chosen in the same manner at that time.

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  1. something that incorporates text fabric would be awesome!

  2. I could really use a bag like this to haul all my stuff around in an organized way. I can’t even find my phone when it’s ringing in the bag I use now.

  3. Love the idea of the Wonder Woman bag that overcame the adversity in its creation. Of course a goldfish themed one would be wonderful as well.

  4. I follow via facebook. Jackie


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