Wonder Woman Cross Stitch Pattern

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Wonder Woman Cross Stitch Pattern


Finishes 5 x 7, framed to 8 x 10
Download the pattern

You don’t see a lot of super hero projects or even discussion on this blog. Despite all my best efforts, I’ve never really cared much for comic books and their characters outside of a brief digression with Spawn 1 – 1-00.  There are times when comic book characters have become so twisted with pop culture that they do find their way into in my fandom. Wonder Woman is one of those characters. The Justice League cartoon on Cartoon Express and Lynda Carter’s twirl from mild mannered Diane to woman of super strength gave me a real soft spot for the lasso of truth and invisible jet.

As with all my projects, this one started with sketches


My biggest goal was to create cross stitch pattern with large sections of solid color and a very limited palette. It looks cool when it is finished and this project travels really well. I can fit everything I need in a small zippered bag to bring out at guild meetings, on flights, in waiting rooms, pretty much anywhere I sit. The large sections are easy to stitch and don’t require significant through so it is a nice TV project too.

I really wanted my Wonder Woman to look like Lynda Carter, so I used one of the iconic images of her with the wide open cape. I did some color blocking over the image and created this to work from in making the actual cross stitch pattern. I did switch the top pattern with Justice League version because, well, I could.



I loaded up the image in KG Stitch and tweaked it until it had a nice flow of colors and block layouts. You can download the pattern right here. I did use some of the Weeks Dye Works over dyed threads in the background colors and I love it. The subtle changes in tone really do add depth to what would otherwise be a flat background.



What say you? Do you like her? Do you have a fandom where you only care about a tiny sliver of the whole universe?


  1. Thank you so much for the pattern, can’t wait to make one for myself!!!! =D

  2. She turned out so cool! Love the rope, and her face!


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