WIB: Trick or Treat Spider Cathedral Window Bag

WIB: Trick or Treat Spider Cathedral Window Bag


I saw a Cathedral window quilt for the first time a bee meeting a few months ago. The woman that brought it with her kept insisting that it was “just squares”. My brain was unwilling to accept that “just squares” had left her with such a dynamic and interesting quilt. I tried to forget it because I could just see the hours and hours of work that went into to it and I knew I just didnt have room on my plate for something like that. My brain – being obnoxious as it is – just wouldn’t let it go. I found myself folding paper squares trying to wrap my mind around the shapes – I just really wanted to understand.

1976 Quilt from Virginia Historical Society

1976 Cathedral Window Quilt from Virginia Historical Society

As luck would have it, I ran across this free bag pattern from designer Erin Gilday and allpeoplequilt.com. Wait, what? I can make something cathedral window WITHOUT investing 1000 hours? I’m was in. I thought I’d make myself a bag and went on the hunt for big black and white prints. I just never found what I wanted, but I did see this pumpkin print I loved. Hmmm, great pumpkin print – bag that “must be made” – Halloween coming soon? Serendipity I tell you! halloweenbagfabric

Even with the pattern and this great video from Rose at Ludlow Quilt and Sew, the folding still wasn’t quite clicking. Before I sewed the first stitch I did a lot of folding and bending and pinning. Along the way, I auditioned a bunch of fabrics for the negative areas around the diamond. I loved this green and had bought it for another project. It ended up not working out for that project and I’ve been trying to find a place for it since. This seems really perfect! As I was looking at the test set up, I realized I had a nice big canvas to put a custom FMQ embroidery patch. I looked at the spiders on the orange and thought fabric and thought – why not?


Overall, I loved making this. Since, I’ve tested out a few smaller squares to get a feel for it and I will absolutely do something cathedral window in the future. The quilt is super awesome amazing when done by hand, dynamic with dimension and interest. It’s pretty sweet machine sewn too. While the traditional ones are showstoppers, I can imagine some equally as show stopping using modern fabrics or fussy cutting novelties. What about something bold like this great pillow from hazelnutgirl?


WIB: Work it Backwards!

So we have the finish, now let’s see how to get there. Here’s what’s coming!

Oct 8: All about the pattern changes

sunny-beach-totelg_1_0See the post! WIB:Trick or treat bag – Let’s talk pattern!

Erin’s free Sunny Beach Tote pattern is really clever! As is common with me, I made some changes to how I approached it. There were a few places I struggled to follow it (inexperience). The way it is written, it can’t be completely machine stitched. Since I didn’t want to do any hand stitching,  I needed to adjust the order of the finishing steps. I also added some batting, changed the handles/lining, and added the fabric in the negative around the diamond. Come by on Oct 8 (Now Posted!) and I’ll walk you through the adjustments and why I made them.


Oct 15: FINALLY, I’m going to show you the gist of FMQ patches!

FMQpatchSee the post! Making FMQ patches

I’ve teased it off and on almost all year, and finally, I’ve got enough pictures to show you the gist of how I make these FMQ embroidery patches. It’s basically a zig zag stitch and tulle. I’m pretty sure people have been doing something close to this method as long as there have been zig zag stitches, but I just discovered it in the last year. It will take a few posts to give you all the details, but this one will get you started! I’ll tell you what materials I use, how I avoid puckers, and why in the world a wood burner comes in handy.


I do hope I’ll see you through the month! There’s lots of great things coming and I just love your feedback! If you’re stopping by for the first time, don’t hesitate to follow me on bloglovin, facebook, or your favorite reader. I’d love to see you again!

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  1. I LOVE this bag so much!! Absolutely fabulous 🙂


  2. Nice bag!!! I don’t like spiders at all, but the spider on this bag is lovable. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!



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