Watercolor to Quilt Class with Katie Pasquini Masopust

Watercolor to Quilt Class with Katie Pasquini Masopust

About a week ago, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop led by Katie Pasquini Masopust. I had seen Katie’s work around the quilt world, but was largely unfamiliar with her techniques or teaching styles. I went out of my way to avoid picking up too many ideas or details until after the workshop. I find I get so much more out of them if I take a go with the flow approach rather than studying for the test. I’m so glad I did, if I had known exactly what I was in for, I may not have attended and would have missed a beautiful opportunity.

The first day was a little intense and moved very quickly. We started by selecting a color palette. I choose blue and orange because it is way out of my wheel house. Katie would demonstrate a watercolor painting technique with varied supplies and methods and send us off to make a few paintings. After making a few basic decisions the rest of the process was very visceral with a bit of a just let it happen style approach.¬† It was quite a bit of fun to let it go. There were a few I didn’t care for, but most of them ended up appealing to me in one way or another. Check them all out together –


Next we went though and picked out some favorite compositions. These were my top three choices:

TBZWatercolor Paintings (1)

TBZWatercolor Paintings (2)

TBZWatercolor Paintings (3)

While those were my favorites, they looked pretty difficult with lots of details. I still wasn’t sold on the concept and not completely sure it was something I wanted to spend hours and hours on so I picked something completely different and much simpler to duplicate.


Besides being simpler in layout, I really responded to the saturated colors in this one. It has nice movement too and reminds me of a wave or bouncy curly hair. There is a also a bit of texture in there that begs to be blinged out. We spent time using Katie’s techniques for creating templates and applique pieces. When all was said and done, I ended up with this top.


It definitely needs some more work. There are a few places that need deepening or lightening of color. Possibly with thread? It also needs that texture added in. I’m thinking maybe beads, frayed fabric, tulle, or some other trick.

One of the most interesting parts to me was the wide variety of projects and paintings from the other students. It is quite amazing to me how we all get the same set of instructions, but walk such unique paths. There were some really amazing quilts coming together in that room and I do hope I get to see some of them make it all the way to finish!

I’m so glad I took the class. Katie is a lovely teacher with beautiful work. She keeps the workshop¬† moving at a pace that I couldn’t stop and think about it too much which means my brain never tried to jump one step ahead. I think it just reinforced the idea that I make my best things when I let go of some of the control with hyper attention to details and just and let art happen. Always knowing (or thinking I know) where I’m going really prevents me from discovery. Discovery is such an important part of creativity and it is time that I allow more of it in the studio. Who knows where this road will go, but I’m looking forward to it!

What say you?