The Sunday Geekery Movie Project

For years I have threatened to watch as many movies as I could from AFI’s top 100. Since the release of our favorite local film critic’s alphabet of all times greats I’ve decided to make it happen! For each letter, I will watch Mark Burger’s pick, an AFI pick, and my own pick. Click any image to take you to that movie's post.

That’s a lot of movies!

I’ll add new letters as I watch them until I make it all the way to ‘Z’. Maybe while you wait you’d be interested in some fun tidbits!

  • First Movie to receive an ‘F’ from Susan: Dazed and Confused (also the only F rated movie!)
  • Oldest Movie to date: Frankenstein 1931
  • Most current Movie to date: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)
  • Favorites that I didn’t pick: Best Years of Our Lives and Double Indemnity

Mark Burger’s Picks

AFI title

Susan’s Picks