The Restore My Faith in Humanity Project – where I trade a quilt for your goodwill

Update December 17:

Thank you to everyone that has shared your story with me. I received 19 stories and every single one of them touched me in one way or another. To thank you for the gift you’ve given me, I’ve made a donation of $200 to I selected projects that had matching offers then added my companies’ matching offer turning the $200 into $600. With that we funded these two art projects for high school age student led projects:

Yearbook Studio Equipment for Ms B’s class in Moreno Valley CA

STEAM thru Art and Science for Ms. McCook’s class in Hinesville GA

I have stories to tell all the way until December 29! How awesome is that?? I’ll keep taking them and them publishing them as long as you want to send them; however, new stories will only be for the joy of sharing and not eligible to receive the quilt.


Read the Stories!

Restore My Faith in Humanity: Laura’s Story

I just wanted to share a happy little thing going on in my life with you to help with the happy warm feels everyone needs to enjoy the holidays. I work at a restaurant in Toronto and one of the greatest things I get to do is a community outreach program where staff volunteers to work to fundraiser for charities. Every year for the holidays myself and my friends we get together and arrange a breakfast with Santa for families with the Salvation Army who need some holiday cheer. This year is extra special though, this year we decided to do a second breakfast for sick kids hospital in Toronto. All in all we are going to host 200 people at our cafe for a completely free breakfast, arts and crafts, gift giving, visits from Santa and visits from the grinch, balloon artists and a magician AND we are going to send them to the theatre to go enjoy few snider a Christmas show! I am super psyched because my friends and I worked really hard to put this altogether. We got everything donated we volunteer our time and we all feel like the ultimate rockstars when these kids show up and have a...

Original Post and Quilt Give Away Rules

I try to keep this little space on the internet light and airy focusing on fun stuff and crafty madness; however, I find myself sinking into a pit of woe. The kind of woe that I know has the ability to turn into full blown can’t get out of bed depression. Can’t get out of bed depression doesn’t help anyone, especially not myself so I thought I might try something to keep me occupied and focused on the positive. Maybe a few of you could use a few little rays of sunshine and we can avoid the deep sadness together. Here’s what I’d like to try – Remember this Hearts and Flowers and Sh*t quilt? It is the pink-est of pink with so much love and flowery goodness. She’s lightly quilted with a wool batting and just begs to be cuddled up with. It seems like a perfect thing to offer in trade for your stories about love and flowery goodness. HeartsFlowersQuilt I want to hear your stories that are so far from guns, hate, ridiculous politics, fear, religion, death, and evil as you can get. I want to hear about people being the best side of human. People helping people. People loving people. People caring about people. People enjoying each other’s company. I’m looking for fun, quirky, quick witted, or just the simple moments that bring joy to you and the ones around you. Some of the stories you’ve already sent – man, talk about hit me right in the feels! You guys are seriously beautiful people and what you’ve had to say already deserves more space than a facebook comment as I had originally intended. Instead, I’ll republish them right here and they will all collect up at the bottom of this page so you can review them as many times as you like. I’ll share one a day starting on from December 9th until I run out. I’ll pick one of the shared stories and send the story teller the quilt. Anywhere in the world. So who gets the quilt? I’ll choose in the most subjective way possible – whatever makes my heart happiest. I walk into this with no preconceptions of what may or may not make my heart happy which makes it difficult to help you win. My best suggestion is to tell whatever story you want to tell however you want to tell it. To help me keep them straight and not overlook one, please send me your story in email to Whatever you have to say – as long as it is personal and positive and avoids heavy handed life lessons – could put you in the running! Pictures could help! Please include your reposting rules (ie, do want your first name to appear or remain anonymous etc)

Sew Mama Sew Visitors!

I was doing this little project already when I saw it was time for a Sew Mama Sew giveaway day, I thought it a perfect idea to join up there too. Total serendipity! Any stories that have already come in or come in before midnight on Sunday December 13th are in the running to receive the quilt. I will confirm that I received your story no later than Monday December 14th. If you do not hear from me by Monday, something may have gone wrong. Please try again or grab me on one of my social media accounts. I’ll choose one story as described above and notify the winner by Wednesday December 16th via email. For more great giveaways visit SewMamaSew’s main giveaway page!

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