Saturday Studio Challenge (on Thursday!): Pac-Man Purse

Saturday Studio Challenge (on Thursday!): Pac-Man Purse

Since I was off work today and didn’t have any BBQ plans I decided I would repeat last Satuday’s Studio Challenge. This time though – I picked a project I knew I could finish. I’m really happy with how it turned out and excited to show you!


Pretty cute right?? I can’t wait to use it at my next nerd con. I’m certain at least one person will be jealous of its awesomeness! I didn’t get to structure this challenge like last Saturday’s. There were lots of planned interruptions though the day and I knew I wouldnt get two solid hours for eight hours, or even for two hours. I went ahead and worked all the way though and will show you milestones.

Milestone 1: Collecting Supplies.

pacmanbag (5)

I bought this Pac-Man fabric a few months ago. I try not to ever buy a fabric I don’t intend to use for a specific project. This one was special! The instant I saw it the only question was, how many yards? It’s been hanging around the studio for a month or more and I look at it all the time just dying to make something out of it!

You may remember one of the classes I took at the Original Sewing and Quilt expo was Hope Yoder’s Hipster Chick. (If you don’t, here’s the link with my class attempt at it.) It didn’t take long for me to connect her bag pattern with this fabric! I did have to make some modifications to her pattern, mostly for preference, but it is pretty close to hers.

Milestone 2: The Quilting

pacmanbag (7)

Alright Alright – Getting somewhere! I just love the mod look of the fabric and wanted to highlight it. Rather than straight line quilting, I did small circles in every other row around the existing circles. You cant really see it in the pictures, I used black thread on a black background, but it is very similar to the yellow pattern. I added a button because I didnt like the idea of my phone living in a pocket that could just pop open.

I’m still struggling a bit with those curves, epically when the fabric is going from the back of the machine to the front. This was good practice indeed!

I’m impressed with my clever idea to get the pattern on to the yellow fabric. I’ll be showing it at the end of the post so stick around!

Milestone 3: Embroidered Patches

pacmanbag (1)

I just had to get a Pac-Man in there somewhere. Trust me, I duly noted Clyde’s (the orange ghost) absence. I couldn’t live with Pac-Man missing too. I whipped up some with a little free motion zig zag stitch in a hoop to add on the prairie circles in the pattern. I just went for it here. I doodled them on the stabilizer and whipped them out. They aren’t “perfect”, but that’s OK, I wasn’t going for perfect!

Milestone 4: Front Pocket Complete

pacmanbag (3)

I made the circles, added the embroidery patches, put the blue binding on and attached the pocket to the front side of the bag.

Aren’t the Pac-Man and ghosts fun? I’m still debating with myself a bit, I was going to make one of the ghosts white and red, the off color when they are blinking. In the end I decided “just ate a power pellet” solid blue would work. That way none of us have to have anxiety because they might be turning back to eat Pac-Man any second!

Milestone 5: Connecting the parts

pacmanbag (8)

Phew! The part that had me worried! Pesky Zippers! I know they aren’t hard, but there are so many ways to muck it up. If you look really hard, you’ll see that my connection to the front side of the bag is a little wonky. The thickness of the praire circles, binding, zipper, quilt layer, and lining was just a bit more than would glide right through the machine. I never quite managed to get it straight. It is pretty close, zips open and closed, and didnt get sewn on backward. WIN!

That’s pretty much it. After this I sewed it all up, did a few finishing touches and called it done! If you’re curious – the modifications I made were adding a button, making the strap both wider and longer, changing the super stiff crafty fuse to a medium stiffness interfacing, and added an inch to the length of the bag to accommodate my wallet.


pacmanbag (2)

As I mentioned, I wanted to mimic the circles and lines in quilting of the yellow background behind the pocket of the purse. I knew there was no way I could keep them straight or even without some sort of guide. After thinking long and hard, I thought about these little stickers. They are meant to fix three hole punched paper in three ring binders. You can find them in any office/school supply store. These ran $1.27 for 500+ stickers.

The whole time I was using them, the line “you’re a * genius Gump” kept swimming through my head. I may have been more impressed with myself than the idea warranted!

Don’t forget – I love to see what you’re doing too. If there’s something I just shouldn’t miss, be sure to link me!


  1. Using those reinforcers was a great idea! Loving this purse!

    • Thank you, I love it too! šŸ™‚ I like you’re site, also very clever. šŸ™‚

  2. The things I fell in love with as I read:
    The use of those reinforcer-thingys in sucha way.
    That you ARE a genius and told yourself repeatedly using a great movie quote.
    The idea of zombies being bored–I’ve always thuoght they might be.
    A blog post with Zombies, Pac Man AND Forrest Gump–Priceless.
    Visiting from Let’s Get Acquainted.

    • Well, I can see that we are meant to be friends! Please do come back if you like things pop-culture, 80’s, gaming, etc. I’ve some features lined up this year that I think are going to be lots of fun for people like us! I’m digging your blog too – will add you to my feeds to see what you’re up to in the future.



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