Retro Project: Frankenstein

Retro Project: Frankenstein
Here is another blog post from a blog I tried out in 2010. At one point, I decided it would be fun to make a big huge Halloween decoration with tons of tiny clay classic movie monster trick or treaters and a diorama in the center. I did manage to finish Frankenstein, but lost interest in the “bigger” project and stopped there. I’m a big fan of frankie though and glad to add him to my collection. He was only my second attempt with people and polymer in such a small scale.

I was less than thrilled with the old blog description of the project. It had some pretty rough spots in the writing and didn’t add anything useful. I do like the “along the way” pictures so I decided to repost some of them here with little descriptions of what I remember.

Looks like I did a bit of research before getting started and printed up some reference photos of Frankenstein as well as a 5.5 inch scaled skeleton to get started. There some hollow copper pipes, wire, and epoxy for the armature.


Here’s the wire-wrapped armature. I could have used the pipes to hold hte hands/feet and build him up one piece at the time. I’m pretty sure I decided aganist that for this small scale project and just continued on with the wire as it was.


Looks like I ran into some trouble with the left arm during sanding. That’s not uncommon for me. I start to handle it with too much umph and it meets a bitter end. Good thing polymer is so forgiving and lets me correct those mistakes!


Primed and ready to paint!


Painting is the best part. I always so look forward to it because that is when the thing starts to come alive and all of the trust that those evil white eye socets will be less evil with an iris starts to be worth it. The more I work on projects, the more I realize just how much vision and trust you have to have.


What say you?