Project Vault: Zebra Cat Pillow Thing

Project Vault: Zebra Cat Pillow Thing

When my daughter was a wee-little thing I bought a Simplicity pattern that I was determined I was going to make  As we all know, sometimes these things get away from us. About two years ago, I came across the pattern in a craft bin. Since I had just started sewing again, I was decided I was going to make it, dang it! By then, my kid was certainly old enough to pick the one she liked so I I let her choose the fabric and the animal and here is the result.


What can I say? My kid loves zebra printed cats named Stripes! This thing was a t-total pain in the butt! I swear, I cried and I bled and I may have stamped my feet or tossed scissors on the table with purpose. The body comes together fine. The head comes together fine. Putting the head on the body – O.M.G. In the end though, I would probably make it again. A lot of the issues were a direct result of my inexperience, the slippery fabric, and my brain’s total inability to turn the fabric in the right direction. In this next picture you can see the details like the hand sewn nose, folds in the ears, turned lips, and toes.


He took about four hours to cut and sew and if I did it again, I think I could do it in three. If you’d like to try it yourself, it is Simplicity Pattern 5310. If you’re curious – I intended to make the lion. 🙂



  1. I’ve done 6 of them and have 4 more to make. I even created a bunny and the cat, dog and monkey. but I do have a questions I have miss placed the mane for the lion is there any way you could e-mail me a copy? Would appreciate it very much.

    • I love that you’ve made them all! Do you have pictures?


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