Photoshop Files – A few blast from the past projects!

Photoshop Files – A few blast from the past projects!

I was once fairly active on a competition art site called This month, the owner of the site announced he would be shutting it down and turning into a “museum”. I thought it a good kick in the butt to get the work I submitted to that site downloaded and hosted at before worth1000 locks down for good.

The site was broken up into Photoshop work, Photography, Illustration, Multimedia, and Writing. You’ve seen many of my multimedia projects already, but none of the Photoshop, photography, or writing. Over the course of entering contest there I had a total of 107 entries. I’m going to catalog several of them here, but I won’t kill with all of them at once. This week, I’m taking on Photoshop. Over 2008 – 2010 I entered 16 contests. Each contest would have an image to start with or some sort of theme to create an image. I was a total newb with this type of work. I didnt know the first thing about Photoshop, lighting, or how to compose an image. While these are not the most stellar images ever, they are part of my artist journey and have certainly helped form my eye and taste. Here we go – the good, the bad, and the WAY UGLY.


Very nearly my first attempt and editing an image with Photoshop. I still love this. Technically, its a mess, but that isn’t what I see. I had to remove a ton of flamingos (and poop) from the image. Move a few to the front and individually select and color each remaining bird. It was quite a challenge for my skill level and something I was happy with in the end.


Evel COWnevial

My very first chop! I still love it. I dont care that the voters gave me 3 out of 10. A lot of work went into cleaning up the cow and moving around his body parts. He makes me smile, even with his stupid shadows and bad proportion.


Invisible Art

On this one, I really just wanted to stretch my ability and see if I *COULD* change a real image to still look real. I cloned out all the art. At the time, I thought I nailed it! I can now see a few places the lighting is a bit off, but I wont tell you where!


Morning Light

I really like this one because it tells a story! It was my idea of what a carousel would look like just before the morning crew arrived to open up for the day.



My favorite in the bunch! This image was part of a multidisciplinary challenge based on the word Strike. I was the photoshop leg for writers, makers, and photographers. The writer started us off with a Film Noir type story and the rest of us followed. This is exactly what I wanted it be when I was thinking about it. I love it and wouldnt change a thing.


Giraffe Kisses

Giraffe Kisses is special because it was my first moderately successful attempt at creating custom brushes (fireworks) and hey, it is always fun to put lipstick on a giraffe!


Moon Spin

Another carousel project. I’m pretty sure this one started as a normal carousel that I pulled apart and wrapped around a moon. I might want to revisit this one sometime in the future. I think it could be something interesting….


Breakfast at Bonzos

I still love this next one! My second ever Photoshop project. The worth folks hated it, but that is sometimes par for the course.


Almost there! The next few are my attempt at scary…

Bird House of the Dead


Dreadful Day Jack


Here’s some examples of terrible work -but important none the less. While technically poor they are evidence of changes in my skill level and gave me a new perspective when they were finished.

Fuzzy Squirrel


Bunny Borg


Bowser Cart


A few more flamingo funnines …

Fancy a Feather?


Vacation from the Yard



Here’s one I still love! I searched the world over for a usable image of a meerkat, and settled on this one. I feel like that while not technically perfect, I paid close attention to the details and managed to sneak in a few surprises.


Koopa Khaos

Finally – one of my favorites that one day will be revisited (yeah, I know, there’s a TYPO! lol)


While I quit participating at worth1000 some time ago for reasons that just don’t matter anymore, part of me is really sad to see it go. For better or worse, it was a part of my artist journey and still a part of my daily life. Even looking at these images now bring back fond memories of some of the community users and their point of view. My favorite part of being a member was watching artists find their way and really develop a style right there before your eyes. I’ll certainly miss some of my favorites.

How about you all? Anybody out there that does this type of Photoshop work? I haven’t tried it in quite some time, but would certainly be up to giving it a go if someone wanted to try a challenge. Just pick a theme and a date and we’ll do it!


  1. I must be one of the few people on the planet who doesn’t own photoshop but I really want it now that I have seen the awesome work that you have done. Really love these photos – thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic pictures! I especially LOVE those coloured flamingos and the carousel pictures. I also really like the art gallery. I made a picture once of a carousel horse flying over the sea. Perhaps the escape of carousel animals is some sort of universal archetype!

  3. Omg I’m such a novice!!! I don’t even think elements does half this stuff anyways. I love koopa on ice 😉
    It’s a wonderful. Fun to look back, too, I’m sure.

  4. Cool! If I knew how to work with Photoshop I would do series about sewing in crazy places. Like lady jumping out of plane with thread and needle in her hands or sewing under water … parody to all those sewing on their vacation.

  5. For someone who has never used photoshop I think these are great! Some are creepier than other (Breakfast at Bonzos & Dreadful Day Jack) but interesting nonetheless!

  6. I’m not that talented with Photoshop but I absolutely love the rainbow flamingos!

  7. I am not a photo person, you’ve done wonderfully. What fun some of them are.

  8. I took a photoshop class in college, I’m sure I still have something on my computer that I can dig up! I love the Breakfast at Bonzos, but my absolute favorite is Morning Light. I have to admit I did chuckle at some of them 😉 I love this type of art, it’s really fascinating!

  9. This is really cool! I have only played in the shallow end of PhotoShop and would love to be able to do more. I think this post really gives us a glimpse into your sense of humor!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up with Throwback Thursday. It’s fun to see where we came from on our artistic journey.

  10. what a fun read…glad I took the time to look at the photos and “journey” back with you. It is incredible how you can look at earlier works and still love them. It has inspired me to go back to my own art and see it AGAIN! Thanks

  11. Awesome! I love Morning Light… the idea behind it is so wonderful! I would love to see a kids movie based around it. What they do when not on the carousel, little snippets of life on the carousel. Could be such fun!

  12. Those pics are great:) Made me smile for sure. Love the colorful flamingos…pretty real to my eye. Not that it means anything. I have bought Photoshop and have no idea how to use it and hardly any time to try to learn.
    p.s. I am really freaked out by the jack in the box right now…

  13. When I first tried Photoshop I combined parts of 3 photos to make a fish fly through the sky with a frog on it’s back. (5 fish painted on pine board, a small 2″ to 3″ rubber frog and a beautiful sky). It was lots of fun.

  14. Does it say bad things about me that I really like the birdhouses of the dead?


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