Photo Files – Some Photography Learning Experiences

Photo Files – Some Photography Learning Experiences

A bit ago, I showed you all some Photoshop projects from my past life on a website that is going dark at the end of September.  Another type of contest sponsored by that site was Photography. I learned so much though the various challenges and from the other artists. I’ve have a long ways to go, but I feel competent with the skills required for to get nice quality shots.Total I had over 120 photos. I picked out some to show you that are my favorites for one reason or another.

Drugs are Bad, M’Kay

This is one of the first photos that I took that I didn’t see as a snapshot. I really thought about the composition and colors. I think it tells a very clear and strong story.


Blue Planet

I so love this one! I used a big old piece of poster board with poked holes and my daughter’s plastic moon. The blue color is done in camera using some unexpected white balance and exposure adjustments.


Wedding Day

This one was so much fun! The challenge was to take a photo with the crappiest camera you can find. I used a very old 1MP cell phone to grab this image of a Halloween display at Micheal’s.


White Crayons

The challenge was white on white. I picked all white crayons because I found the idea of crayons without color very interesting. This remains one of my favorite photos even though it wasn’t well received.


Two Red Sticks

Another minimalist challenge. The theme was “two sticks”. I do love this one and think one day it might make a nice wall hanging. Maybe one day soon!


Calendar Challenge

Clearly I lost interest in this one, I only finished four of the twelve months and I would argue that the fourth was forced and not so great. Overall, I love the idea. I still have my sketches for the other months, maybe one day I’ll go back and fill them in.



Meet one of my prize possessions, a Michigan J Frog cookie jar. I love this thing and I love this picture. It was the first time I tried a crop like this I was so happy with result. I think one has directly contributed to my overall minimal-like style.


A little lighting practice

I tried a few “product photos”. Both of these have special meaning to me and I really like the photos.


Big Choices

This one just makes me smile. The process of attacking broccoli with hot glue is just plain fun. It is another picture that I see the story I intended to tell in it. You all know how I love a story!


B&W Egg

One of my only attempts at Black and White photos. I love this one because it isn’t an egg at all, it is the back side of a Jim Shore pink flamingo sculpture.


Phew ~ I’m tired now, so I bet you are too! I I’m always surprised when I look back at some previous work. It never fails, something I thought that wasn’t so special turns out to be something that molded my vision and my eye, for better or worse.

Which ones do you like (or hate)? Have you dipped into artistic photography? As always, I’d love to see!


  1. I like the white crayons one also! I guess I just don’t know “art.” LOL!

    I think the calendar is clever. You have to look to appreciate the emotions on the glasses. The way the January mug looks like it just loves that marshmallow is adorable – very well thought out with the arm also appearing as the smile.

    Thanks for linking up to #TBT!

  2. So many interesting and wonderful photos!! It’s so interesting to see how you interpret the different themes. I love the white on white photo.

  3. The wedding day picture is bad ass! Love that it was taken on an old cell phone too.

  4. I love them ALL! Not a one that’s not a winner to me. I’ve never tried doing something like this. Keep up the good work. 8-(

  5. I love the white crayons and red sticks, simple and I must be in a monochromatic mood 🙂

  6. Mmmm! Cupcakes and broccoli! Thanks for sharing your experiences in photography. I wish my creativity touched on this subject. Your photos are all wonderful. I like the cropped cookie jar best!

  7. Oh gee girl! You are doing some seriously creative stuff! So cool! My photography stinks. I can’t choose a favorite of yours, though I like the creativity of the 4 calender shots.

  8. I love the calendar, I would love to see it finished! And big choices is great, I can totally relate! 😉

  9. My favorites are the blue moon and the egg. I’m definitely not a good photographer. I need lessons.

  10. My favorites are wedding day and red sticks. But I also quite like the watch and big choices! I’ve considered myself a photographer for quite a few years, mostly of nature and things in natural lighting. But opportunities to get out and just take photos for the fun of it are few and far between since having kids…therefore they are my primary subject, and I am quite enjoying improving my portrait photography! My most recent addition to the camera-stuff collection was a 50mm prime 1.4f lens, which I love–so perfect for indoors and constantly moving kids. You can see my older photos here: If you go back before January 2010 (when my son was born), there are more artsy type.

  11. I love the white crayons. When you say it wasn’t well received I shudder to think of my work being on display for criticism! That is very brave of you.


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