Phoenix Fire and Ash: WIB, that’s right ‘B’!

Phoenix Fire and Ash: WIB, that’s right ‘B’!

PhoenixQuilt (1)

I’d like to introduce you to Phoenix: Fire and Ash. Phoenix is a two sided quilt where one side represents fire and the other side ash. Those of you that know me are already screaming, BUT SUEDRE, you SAID that quilt backs are for revealing the full beauty of the quilting. You SAID that you always try to keep them fairly plain for that purpose. It wouldn’t be a rule if it didnt have exceptions to prove it, right? Phoenix is not about the quilting, not even a little bit. Her purpose was two fold. First, to show off this awesome quilt pattern (you’ve seen it before). Secondly, to develop a relationship with my new machine, LucyLoo, including asking a bit much of her. This quilt is beautiful with a top and normal back too!

So what the heck is WIB? I’m calling it Work IT BACKWARDS. Yep, we’re going to start at the finish. Over the next three weeks, I’m going to tell you all about Phoenix (including a free printable pattern) so you can love her as much as I do and make your own version of it. We’re on week 1 and here’s what is coming:

Week2: Two-Faced Quilt!

PhoenixQuilt (3)

This post is all about dealing with two sides. How the heck did I baste this thing? How close did I come to making it perfect? And what about that two sided binding?

Here’s the posts!

Week2: Two Sided Quilt! Part 1

Week2: Two Sided Quilt! Part 2

Week 3: Pushing the limits and a color story

PhoenixQuilt (2)

This quilt was a bit of a special project for me. I did some things that quilters normally wouldn’t do. Hey- you can tell me it is a bad plan, but until I experience it, I never get it. (In this case, I’m not positive it was a bad plan anyway!)

We’re also going to look at the color story of this quilt. I’ll show you some color combos I rejected and give you a little insight into what I was thinking when I picked the fabrics.

Let’s hear all about the batting and colors!

Week 4: The Pattern

PhoenixQuilt (4)

I LOVE this pattern and I LOVE making this quilt. With this quilt, you can own its color story, but you have to let the final look reveal itself. I just can’t wait to get from one step to the next to see what it will show me.

I can imagine it scrappy, blue and yellow, big bold graphic black and white prints, batiks, or sweet pastels for that new baby. What about burning through those novelty fabrics in your stash for an I spy? I know it looks complicated, but It’s not! With very strategic piecing and cutting of 5″ squares it comes together in no time at all. I’m going to show you one approach to managing the pieces and include the shortcut instructions with pattern pedigree as a free printable PDF.

Download the pattern here!


I do hope you’ll like the WIB format and will come back and see me on Tuesdays (and any other day you like) over the next few weeks. Even better, It would make my year if you made one of your own and linked me!

So tell me, what do you think?




  1. I love your quilt. Love how it is reversible. The orange and blue are my favorite colors. It is beautiful!

  2. thank u i got the pattern and with these blogs how do we post our comments on to the page instead of just in the email where mine is landing?? please help lol

  3. i really love this quilt and how the front is the same as the back. i can’t wait to check back to see the rest of your posts on it! keep it up!

  4. Hi I enjoy your blog as well I have one also please fallow join mine I would love that men a lot !! I love your work I’m going to try your pattern!!

  5. Just beautiful. Love the colors on both sides!

    • Thank you!! It is a fun one to curl up with. 🙂

  6. This is a lovely quilt and very clever quilting!

  7. Wow, Susan! That sounds like a pretty intricate process, but the end result look fabulous!

    I’m so glad you shared this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    • Making the tops isn’t too hard at all and lots of fun! The two-sidedness is a little tricky, but not that hard with a thick head and little bit of determination.

  8. Love the two sided quilt! Can’t wait to read the whole story. 🙂

    • Thanks for you support Izzy! It is a fun quilt to make and I’m excited to share it.

  9. This is beautiful! I can’t wait to see more of it, I am a new follower. I am stopping by through Needle and Thread Thursday.

    • I’m so glad you like it! I stopped by your house and you want to hear a funny? I’m working on a cathedral window right now (like literally right now!). It isn’t as bold and exciting as yours though! I’m glad to see you have the fabric in the negative. I haven’t seen one like that was getting ready to try it out. 🙂

  10. Wow Susan, this is such an awesome quilt! Love the way you are revealing it too. Your fabrics are so beautifully scrappy. I will definitely be back to check out your techniques!

    • Wanna hear a secret? This one isn’t scrappy at all. I applied all the forces of OCD I could muster and used a few tricks to be sure I ended up with a big distribution and the turned directionals. The process of putting it together is what gives it that look. I’ve seen it done with a completely scrappy palette and that’s pretty fantastic too. 🙂

  11. I LOVE this! I also love the WIB format, it’s super creative. I’d love to make one!

    • 😀 Thank you! I think you’d really like to make it. They really do come together quickly have endless color story possibilities!



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