Sometimes I enter my quilts in judged shows. The first time I entered one, it was scary as all get out because I had no clue what to expect or how to feel. I looked around a lot of posts about the process, the “rules”, and general knowledge type questions. Turns out, it is all a bit hush hush or my google-foo is bad! I decided to be ultra transparent about the judging from an entrants perspective. I’ll show you my judging forms, my general thoughts about those forms, and a list of “rules” I’ve picked up through experience.

Here’s a quick summary of things I think judges are looking for based on my feedback forms:

  • Interesting and design or use of color with WOW! factor
  • Even Quilting without no large un-quilted spaces
  • Close the front of the mitered binding’s corner as well as the back
  • Hidden quilting starts and stops or no starts and stops at all
  • Clean turns on applique pieces

I’m sure many more little bullets will appear as I keep entering shows! Want to see lots of details? Here are all of the blog posts that include judge’s feedback forms!

On Quilt Judging: 2014 NC State Fair

This year, I entered two quilts in the NC State Fair. Similar to previous competitions I’ve entered, I knew that my quits were not going to pass “technical” inspections for two big reasons. I rarely do a project the same way twice. They are all learning experiences...

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