Okami Amaterasu Quilted Fan Art Fan Art

Okami Amaterasu Quilted Fan Art Fan Art


I so love swaps! I can’t really join the big community swaps on Instagram for a variety of reasons. Since I don’t want to be left out, I will occasionally offer to do a one on one swap. I always hold my breath expecting no one to want to play my game, but I’m always pleasantly surprised when someone awesome steps up and agrees.  For this one, I stalked Alyx of Hoppipollaquilts. I wanted to do something Japanese, something fandom, and something fun. Yuumei’s Okami fan art piece really seemed to really fit the bill so I went for it having no idea if Alyx would know the fandom or not. (risky right??)

(By the way – there’s a very good chance I’ll ask for a swap buddy sometime towards the end of December. If you think you may be interested in something small with a quick turn around time, be sure to follow me on IG and be on the look out for the Do You Want to Swap post!)

Here’s how I did it with lots of pictures and in less than 150 words with a LOT of image scrolling. Hey – if I can’t be crazy with my word vomit, I’ll just kill you with images instead!

Study Artwork, plan how to convert to quilted piece.

Fan Art from Yummei. Click image to her website to browse all of her work!

Fan Art from Yummei. Click image to her website to browse all of her work!

Resize, Print, and Convert to line art using a lightbox and tracing paper


Transfer the lines for the background onto PFD fabric with a water soluble pencil


Prepare painting station


Paint Background


Transfer smoke to green fabric using graphite tracing paper


Paint Smoke

okamifanartquilted (11)

Fuse to paper backed fusible, cut and place

okamifanartquilted (12)

Wash, Rinse, Repeat with red elements

okamifanartquilted (13)

One more time with Amaterasu


Remove paper and fuse all elements to the background

okamifanartquilted (7)

Add decorative thread with FMQ

okamifanartquilted (8)

Baste and Quilt

okamifanartquilted (9)

Trim, Face, and hand stitch backing

okamifanartquilted (10)

Stick a Fork in it and call it done!


Whew! You scrolled a lot to get all the way to the bottom of this post!! Maybe you like it enough you’ll take a few minutes to email me at susandowenby@gmail.com and tell me about it! Thanks for checking it out and BIG THANKS to Alyx for playing along!