Nightmare Before Christmas Wall Quilt with Embroidered Oogie Boogie label.

Nightmare Before Christmas Wall Quilt with Embroidered Oogie Boogie label.


I recently attended Sew South Retreat in Charlotte. One of the fun things we get to do is a secret sister swap. I stalked my secret sister and happened across a mosaic she had made for another swap. You never really know if people are swapping for themselves or not, but since I love fan art and she seemed to be a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas, I decide to take a chance and made this Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Wall hanging. It is heavily quilted, here’s an overexposed photo of that really shows all of the lines in there.



I knew I wanted to do something with silhouettes. I had seen a batik fabric with a nice gradient in it and thought it would make a pretty great background for the silhouettes. I went digging around the interwebs to find some source material and ran across this image from vivsters@deviantart.


Click Image to see vivsters account and full res work.

Does that scream quilt or what? That background is a McTavish-esque pattern all the way! I kept tinkering around for other plans, but just kept coming back to this one again and again and decided to make my version of it in fiber.


Before I started working on it, I decided to keep it super simple. I wanted the fabric to create the light effects and thought the shadows should be super dark in solid black. Soon after the black pieces were cut, it was obvious to me that the black thread quilting was not going to be enough to really create the textures and shapes I wanted. I had some opaque textile paints from Pro Chemical & Dye and thought it a good time to give them a try. Here is it before and after the paint job.


I love the paint. It serves two purposes. It gives everything new dimensions and pops the colors from the background fabric. Secondly, it gives the black quilting something to rest on beside more black. With the paint, you can see the shingles and wood planks. Without it it probably would not have looked much different before and after quilting.



The quilting is almost all this McTavish like pattern. Leah Day demonstrates it with pattern #6. I find that I have trouble completely filling in all the spaces so when thing are a little wonky, I fill it with pebbles. Moving forward is better than panic, right?!

The Label

This quilt has a wild back (yes, to keep anyone from closely studying the quilting, including myself!). I decided to add a label that could stand against all those stripes and not totally get lost. I inverted the colors of the “oogie booie moon” and digitized a reverse applique label.


I’m surprised at how much I really liked this label! It was a lot of fun to stitch and watch it come together.


I’d not done a reverse applique before and found it just as simple as standard applique with a minor slow down CAREFULLY starting that first cut. If you like the label and would like the download the digitized file (without any words) sized for a 5×7 hoop in .jef format. Yes, for free.

Well, that’s all folks!

This one is in the books. I really enjoyed making it and I so hope that my Secret Sister enjoys it. Swapping is so much fun! I’ll sure do another one as I have time for it. Can’t wait to see where it leads!



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