Nevermore Film Festival and Fan Art

Nevermore Film Festival and Fan Art

It’s time! It’s time! OMG ya’ll, my favorite time of year is here! I pretty much start looking forward to the next Nevermore Film Festival as soon as the last one finishes up! Wanna know how much I love it? Check out this fiber fan art!

NevermoreWallHangingVitals: Size: 57″ x 38″, standard/reverse applique, trapunto, custom Free Motion quilting

Why would I do such a thing?

The host venue for the Nevermore Film Festival, Carolina Theater of Durham, has undergone some major branding changes this year. I love their new look. It’s very now and professional – change is good. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t sad to see the Nevermore Raven disappear. For me, it is kind of looking at a McDonalds without golden arches. It just so happens that I’m pretty good at translating images to fiber and thought, is there a better way to immortalize history than art? It’s a fun logo, it’s bold, it has lots of contrast, and screams fiber to me.

Take a look at the original next to my fiber version:

nevermorecomparePretty darn spot on huh? I did make a few concessions for the fiber media. I removed the words “Film Fest”. I could have put them in with a zig zag stitch, but really didn’t feel like it added anything to piece. I also made the raven and film strip much larger and edited out a few of his toes.

Check out these details!

You really need to see this piece in real life to “get it”. There’s a ton of details in the quilting and applique. Because of the colors, or lack there of, it is really difficult to capture those details and the texture with images. I did the best I could though – take a look!

Here’s a close up of the quilting in the moon. I tried to model McTavishing and realized I wanted it even denser. I added pebbling in and around the curves shapes to really pop them.

NevermoreCloseup2I knew adding the perfs (is that the right word for the holes on the left and right of the film?) would be a bad plan for fiber. They are in there, in the quilting. I also used a few trapunto tricks to make the beak pop away from the film. You’ll also see a bit of the echo shell quilting in the bird.

NevermoreCloseup1I couldn’t for the life of me get a good photo of the quilting in the black areas of the quilt. There’s a small grave yard hiding in there! I used a “film shape” to differentiate the headstones from the sky. Here’s the drawing I worked from:

Nevermore2All of the letters are turned edge applique and have an extra layer of batting to really make them pop. There is no quilting in the letters as a strong contrast to the super dense quilting everywhere else. Another cool trick? That huge moon- reverse applique. Yep, totally do-able. I’ll tell you how in a few weeks.

Check out the back – is there any fabric more perfect than the yard of Michael Miller’s Nevermore I had hiding in my stash? Again – I mimicked the “film” shapes using sashing.


What’s so awesome about this event anyway?

I love independent horror/suspense. They are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, my favorite films. The lower the budget the better. I don’t always mean campy either. When filmmakers don’t have a ton of money or aren’t driven by first weekend box office numbers, they produce some amazing character/story driven art. They are forced to find ways to make things happen with very little resources – that my friends is when real ingenuity happens. If you take the time to slow down and really look, you’ll find something fantastic every.single.time.

As much as I love these films, I just don’t have enough time in real life to seek them out and sort through the ones that aren’t so great. The Nevermore steering committee does it for me and I squeeze in as many as I can over Friday, Saturday, Sunday. There’s been a few that I didn’t love, but none I didn’t like. With the films so in my wheelhouse, the fact that it always falls on my birthday is just serendipity!

Another fact, The Carolina Theater team does a bang up job. The films always start on time, they keep everything nice and clean, and are pretty darn friendly folks.

Update!! The Carolina Theater is awesome! They like my hanging and have accepted it as a donation! Here it is from this year’s festival and will hang as long as they will have it. 🙂


We’re headed to the Carolina theater tomorrow afternoon to pick up the GI-normous pile of tickets! Here’s out film watching plan:

Last Year's Pile of Tickets!

Last Year’s Pile of Tickets!


Open Grave, The Visitant, Big Bad Wolves, The Human Race

Most excited to see? The Visitant. I love haunted house films!
Not so sure? Open Grave, The Human Race. I worry about things that might toe the torture line.

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They’re Coming to Get You Barbra!, Grand Piano, Revolution of the Foreign Invaders, Here comes the Devil

Most excited to see? They’re Coming to Get You Barbra!  and Revoluation of the Foreign Invaders. I LOVE the shorts. My favorite.
Not so Sure: Grand Piano. I just can’t image where this one is going to go!

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Four Headless Horsemen, The Shower, Across the Styx, The Last Days on Mars

Most Excited to see? The Last Days on Mars. Survival and space – love it!
Not so Sure? The Shower. Horror/comedy is a dangerous thing. It either really works or doesnt.

Read the recap here!

I might be doing the happy dance. Don’t tell, It’s embarrassing. I have no rhythm. 🙂

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    • Thank you Monique! You have some fantastic prints, love them!

  1. seriously, Susan! Is there anything you cannot do?? You absolutely amaze me with your talent for graphic art. Fantastic!

    I’m so glad you shared at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    • aw! Thanks Kelly! There’s tons of things I can’t do – cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, lawn mowing, and car repair are at the top of the list. hahaha!

  2. Oh, my! I thought this was a picture! Amazing work! The quilting is incredible. LOVE it!
    Have a blast at the show, Susan!

    • Thanks Lona! It was really fun to make. Movies start soon!

  3. Hello Susan came over to visit to say thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and commenting on my progress with Star Light Star Bright. And what did I find a very interesting blog message about Nevernore! You did a bang-up job on reproducing the branding image of the raven and lettering. It looks like you will be busy all weekend. Enjoy your shows!!

    • Thanks so much Joanie! I’m SO looking forward to it! Less than 24 hours now!


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