Marvelous Madelyn and Magnificent Mount at Masquerade

Marvelous Madelyn and Magnificent Mount at Masquerade

Madelyn was a project for a web contest where you had to sculpt something with the letter ‘M’. Not to be outdone, I had to come up with 5 ‘M’s! Meet Madelyn


The Flamingo Mount was absolutely the funnest the part of this project. Funny story – when I started the project, I didn’t pay close attention to my flamingo reference and bent his leg backwards! Fortunately, someone noticed and pointed me in the right direction before I went too far and I was able to break it off and put a new one on. I pay much better attention to reference photos now!

There’s a lot about Madelyn that I would do differently if I had the chance. Because I was making her for a contest, I had to follow the contest rules, only 10% non-clay items. I think her skirt would be awesome with an actual textile rather than the clay feathers. I also tried a beading technique that wasn’t quite as successful as I wanted. I don’t hate it, I would just do it differently now. Here she is from the back


She’s so naked right! Girl needs a little more clothing. 🙂 To get the flamingo’s feathers nice and supported, I used a piece of cardstock paper glued to his armature. Works perfectly, no?


Since this point her in life, I’ve worked on her hair quite a bit. It isn’t nearly as crazy now, but could probably still use a few more tweaks. My favorite part – the floor. It has a bit of mica power on it to help make it shiny in just the right places.

Madelyn won a ribbon at the NC State fair. You can see here with her ribbon in this post.


  1. Your Madelyn is very cool, you’re so good at getting proportion right and lots of attention to small detail. , I love the big flamingo, lucky about the leg correction before it was too late.

    • The Flamingo was very nearly a disaster! It is pretty easy to break and remake polymer, but once you put paint on it, you’re done. He was close to being backwards forever. 🙂

  2. Cool! I like her crazy hair, that’s how mine looks every day haha. Those darn flamingos with the backwards bending knees!!!

    • ha! Mine too! Seems like I always manage to put a little bit of myself in these things – maybe that’s why it is so crazy.


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