Look into my Sketches: Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt Edition

Look into my Sketches: Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt Edition

This quilt has created more doodles, sketches, plans, and ideas than anything else I’ve done before. So many that it deserved a devoted sketch post instead of getting wrapped in with other projects. The first sketch I’ll show you is the “planning” sketch. I drew this out at the very beginning. As the project went on, I made changes for one reason or another and just kept drawing over the original sketch. Some things stayed, some were added, and some dropped completely.

HarryPotterQuiltSketches (15)

I had pretty good reasons for dropping at lot of the things that were edited out. The only one I regret is Peeve’s bow tie. Maybe next time. ha! Here are the other sketches that weren’t lost to my bad habit of drawing on any paper like objects within my reach. They will show up in random order each time you see view the page. If you would like an idea of how I used the sketches check out my post on my digitizing process.

You may notice that the sketches are really really sketchy. It is so useful to me to do this exercise and get and idea of size, shape, and spacing before spending lots of time fine detailing. Here’s a great article on Thumbnailing. It is intended for web design, but really applies to all sorts of design projects. I’m surely going to try the ’25 rule’ on my next project.


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