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Can I share links, pictures, or projects from

Yes!!! Please! I love it when you share my work with your people, use the patterns, create new projects from the ideas, and just generally enjoy the content! I spend hours writing it because I genuinely want you to USE it in your personal creative endeavors.  If you like what you see and your inspired by it, I love it when you share me with your crafty friends. Seriously – is there any higher compliment than word of mouth?

Be a good steward of the community and be sure you link back to anything you share and give proper credit to Susan Owenby or and we’ll be friends for life.

Following are the specific and wordy rules for use of content from because some people are jerks. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not being a jerk because you’re clearly concerned about doing the right thing.

Creative Commons License & Copyright

Written Content and Images:

Unless otherwise stated on an individual pattern or post, share anything you like with credit to Susan Owenby or When possible, include a link back to the original content. You may not copy, aggregate, or feed written content to republish uncredited under any circumstances. You may share downloadable patterns identified as “free use” as long as the authorship is not removed from the pattern.

Projects and Patterns, Personal Use:

Unless otherwise stated on an individual pattern or post, create and share verbatim or derivative physical works based on projects you see at with proper credit and links back to for personal use only under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License

Projects and Patterns, Commercial Use: is open to commercial use of yet to be published projects, patterns, or designs with compensation. Please contact with your project details.

Disclosure Statement

Unless and until things change, Susan Owenby maintains this blog and all of its content at her expense. No affiliate links, sponsorships, or paid advertisement will be accepted or used without an explicit notification of affiliation for a currently undetermined period of time beginning 7.22.14.

You are likely to find lots of links and descriptions of products and patterns Susan loves and uses. On occasion,  may receive a product or book from a company review. In those cases, the post will clearly state that product or book was provided by the company selling it. The provision of a product will not influence the review of it.

Susan does not accept cash sponsorships or cash compensation for direct advertising on any post as part of this blog.