Lemmings Wall Sculpture Fan Art

Lemmings Wall Sculpture Fan Art

Here’s another look at a past project that I loved to do and was oh so very proud of when I finished.

LemmingsSome of my game nerd friends will recognize these fellas right off! Lemmings was one of the best games ever made and I LOVED it. Like real why don’t you marry it love. When a “make fan art based of a 8 or 16 bit game” contest came up, I was all in and knew exactly what game to make! This is a surprisingly large piece. The frame opening is 8×10 and the frame itself is 2″ wide. it is covered in polymer clay to create the rock texture and each of the lemmings and the shelves they sit on were individually made. At some point I made this collage of images showing it as it came together from design to paint.


I think what I really loved about this project was the details. The background is a very close representation of the first level of the game. Every single rock, every single blade of grass and every little lemming was thought about, measured, and put in with the utmost of care. Nothing was flat though it portrayed a 2D scene.

LemmingCloseupLook – I even carefully recreated the logo in miniature! If that isn’t love for a game, I just don’t know what is!



Enough about me! I’ve admired Lemmings fan art for ages and always keep my eyes open for what people are making. They don’t come up often, but when they do – bang! total and complete nerdy awesomeness!

Here’s a crochet set that I’ve admired for years from June at Planet June. She has a pattern on her site, I just KNOW one of my crochet friends is going send me a set for Christmas? (I’m looking at you Chelsea!)


That’s not cool enough for you? How about a bon-a-fide Art installation? Turns out, the town of Dundee was so thrilled with the success of the lemmings they put in sculptures from artist Alyson Conway! Really? I’m seriously going to have haul my cookies all the Scotland to see the brick layer and his cohorts? Anybody have a couch nearby?


Last, but not least, I saw this on the interwebs a few years ago. I can’t give a link to the original artist because I honestly have no clue where it came from. All I know is I want it, in my office, today. Oh Perler bead friends… Christmas is coming….


I’m not admitting I’m sadistic or anything, but I may have, on particularly frustrating levels, trapped my lemmings then blew them up to see just how much of the screen I could eat up in one blow! Can’t you just hear the little “oh no” sound with a satisfying ‘pop’ ‘pop’ ‘pop’. I’m getting a little trigger finger as we speak, might be time to go dig out the SNES…..


  1. I’ve never even heard of this game but wow am I impressed with this piece. Your brain is amazing! Thanks so much for linking up with #TBT.

  2. LOL I remember this game! And your piece is fabulous! Ooh those crocheted onesare pretty awesome too!

  3. Ha ha this is awesome. Such a classic game too….

  4. I don’t know that game but your project is awesome!
    Super cute!

  5. The detail in this is amazing!! It’s really cute and fun! I liked seeing your planning and progress photos.

  6. Haha!!! Look at that grass!! Those are the tiniest blades. How did you do that? I’m not a gamer, either, but my oldest daughter is. She would be very impressed. 😀 (Well – *I’m* impressed, but she would *understand*.)

  7. I’ve never been a gamer, but I do like your piece. I’ve tried polymer clay a couple times and really like making dimensional things. I used to make fabric pictures that were 3 dimensional. i like to make things that aren’t useful. What I like about quilting is that it is a way to express creativity and create a useful item. I love the interplay of color and pattern and the texture you create with stitching is great.

    It’s good to have fun!

  8. I take it you weren’t at all bored with this!! lol. lovely and fun too. Well done,

  9. Yep! I remember them! Love your art piece! I hope it is very visable, it is awesome!


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