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Lady in Red: A little glory, a little basking, and a LOT of piecing!

Normally, this post would include some random bit of wisdom I’ve learned, some tips for techniques, or a few 100 words in tutorial form. I’m tired though – I’ve been working so hard and the words won’t come. Since I really want to show you – I’m just going to let her speak for herself and bask in the glory of a huge finished paper piecing job. I’m really pleased with how she’s coming along and much happier with the green than I was previously. If you love her too – Janeen at QuiltArtDesigns is selling the pattern. Get it from Janeen’s store now! Final Time Count for piecing: Thinking about/reviewing pattern and instructions: 1.5 hours Searching for and settling on fabrics: 2 hours Pattern prep/piecing first section: 2.5 hours Pattern prep/piecing second section: 2.5 hours Pattern prep/piecing third/fourth sections: 6 hours Pattern prep/piecing fifth section: 3 hours Pattern prep/piecing sixth section: 2.5 hours Pattern prep/piecing seventh, eighth, and ninth sections: 8 hours Pattern prep/piecing for tenth, eleventh, and twelfth sections: 9.5 hours Total Time Investment: 37.5 hours   Want more? Check out Lady in Red’s index that aggregates all of the posts about...

Lady in Red is half way there!

Made it to half way! This post features a time check and looks for your input on color choices and a name for this lady.

Lady In Red: Fabric Selection

This post is all about fabric selection and finding inspiration in unexpected places. Also hiding in this post – a great tip for making a quick and easy fabric number palette.