Ladies of Suedre

Ladies of Suedre

I’m so very excited about this post. My series of female OOAK sculptures are some of my favorite pieces and this blog just doesn’t feel like mine without them. With no further hesitation – here there are!

Bronwyn the Pirate, ARGH!
Morticia Addams and Thing
Madelyn and Mount

These ladies represent about 80 hours each and real learning experience every time. Brownyn really helped me understand armatures. Morticia had three hands which up until then was the most intimidating part of a sculpture for me. Miss Madelyn – Learned a lot of patience with her and a pretty great floor technique.

I dont have a ton of during or how to pictures, but I do intend to put some together for my next project. You might be surprised how much work the planning and armature building actually is!

Here are some alternate views of each of the ladies.


All my ladies are famous! Well, not famous, but the did win ribbons at the NC State fair!


I think these three show a progression in skill, but I would be remiss if I wasn’t completely honest in showing just how far they are from first tries.

First “serious” OOAK attempt:

Princess Peach

I will say, the thing I really like about peach is that her clothes are made from bon-a-fide fabric. In future pieces I choose clay for the clothing. Looking at Peach makes me want to reconsider that choice in the future!


Yep, I made that. And took that awful picture. This was close to my very first attempt at anything clay. I was major impressed with myself! I should really try this project again and see what it looks like with a little bit more skill.

Thanks for checking out my work – I’d love to hear what you think!


  1. What did you use to sculpt these? They are great! 🙂

    • Hey There Rynni32!

      These are all polymer clay. I typically use a plain flesh colored clay like super sculpy or fimo puppen and paint them.

      I learned tons of great techniques from Natasha at Morezmore. She doesn’t blog anymore, but the history is all there with lots of great information.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow! These sculptures are incredible. I absolutely LOVE Morticia!!

  3. Lovely to see these and the progression. They are fantastic! I’m not surprised you won ribbons – congrats 🙂

    • Thank you ma’am. I dont have anything to enter this year… One month left. I should get cracking!

  4. Thanks Jen! It really does hurt my heart a bit to show those early ones, but I do think it is important to see progression. It makes me less likely to nit pick my own work and hopefully inspires others to push through and keep getting better even when their skill limits slow them down. 🙂

  5. these are really cool. And what a progression in your skill – thanks for being brave enough to show the early work beside your recent pieces.


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