I fought the frog and I won!

awww, hellz yeah! Remember a few weeks ago when I had a small meltdown over my attempt at 1/4″ minature Frogger quilt square name tag? Well, I put on my big girl panties and decided that this frog and I would go rounds and only one of us was going to come out on top! Hey hey… look at this… I won!

FroggerNameTagOk Ok, so I should be real. I didn’t win. By the time I made it to the binding and lanyard, I was so over this thing I didnt even want to look at it anymore. The lanyard worked out ok, it’s pretty hard to mess those up, but the binding – H.O.T MESS. It’s not a draw though – I did get those 1/4″ squares! Here’s another real moment – it took three tries!

FroggerNameTag2I actually like the second try the best. It is the most consistent of the bunch in square sizes and has a nice overall shape to it. Sad thing is – I had made the squares just over 1/4″ which made the overall badge waay too big. Dang!

I solved a bunch of problems along the way, but my two favorites and somewhat crazy solutions was quilting it and dealing with the piecing thread.

Quilting in Miniature

I had thought I wouldn’t quilt this at all. When I started looking at adding the binding, I realized that it needed the be tacked together a bit better and I would have to quilt it ‘some’. With the tiny spaces and super thick seams, I knew a walking foot and pivot would be very difficult and likely fail. Free motion quilting saves the day! I used the tension feature on my free motion foot and lifted it pretty high to keep it from dragging across the seams. I used black thread to hide any imperfections. One quick trip around the frog with a straight stitch and mission accomplished!


Oh yes I did!

With the bright colored frog squares and the black background, there was no perfect piecing thread color. I tried switching threads as I stitched the rows, but that failed because the row would get out of line ever so slightly. Ever so slightly is all it takes to cause real trouble at this size! I couldn’t think of a way to deal with the dark thread in the light colors of the frog blocks, but I could think of a way to deal with the light thread in the black boxes.

FroggerBadge4 This isnt going to be used as a blanket, washed a ton of times or even required to be super fancy. The black Sharpie hid the threads no problem! Shhh… don’t tell!

I took about a zillion pictures of putting together the squares with paper and glue, but just couldn’t decide if I thought it was interesting enough to post them. What do you think? Are you interested the process?

The answer is YES, you are interested! Here’s the post with all the little details on putting this guy together – How I made 1/4 pieced squares.

(oh yeah – and suck it frog! 😀 )


  1. And I still like you even if the title of this post stuck a song in my head. Not surprisingly, “I fought the law and the law won” is now on a continuous loop.

    I think the frog is great! And don’t worry, sharpie or black fabric marker is a common trick. I applaud your piecing, that frog would have kicked my butt.

  2. Congrats on sticking with it! It’s turned out great and I’m glad you didn’t let the frog beat you!

  3. way to go girl. there is no way i could make anything much less a frog with those tiny pieces. Looks great.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  4. I LOVE it!! Yeah, I’d really like to see how you approached the process. And perfect solution with the Sharpie. Your frog tag is super cool. Wear him with pride. 😀


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