Help me save this UFO!

Help me save this UFO!

flamingo house (1)

I need help! You may remember Flamingo House from about a month ago. Since the last post I have managed to cut and apply all the appliques AND make the required yo-yos. I’ve hit a wall though. See all those appliques? So much blanket stitch and hand work. Quite frankly, I don’t want to do it and just can’t force myself through. I mean seriously, look at those crab legs… ARGH!

flamingo house (3)

I don’t want it to land in the pile of unfinished projects. I really do want to finish it and I really do want to donate it to the bee. If I’m being honest with you all and myself, it ain’t happen with all this handwork. So, what’s a girl to do? I’m seriously considering doing a free motion straight stitch around the edges of the appliques with clear or color matched threads. It gives me pause – the wall hanging is built on fusible fleece which means I’ll be “quilting” the appliques. What do you think? Cool effect or total disaster? flamingo house (4)
Second problem, all these yo-yo’s! They have to go on. It just doesn’t look as engaging and complete without them. But it is MORE handwork, y’all. Any inventive ideas for adding yo-yos? Should I try to tack them on via FMQ WITH the appliques? It will create a little ring around the yo-yos, but if I act like it is totally on purpose and planned, it becomes OK, right?

Just because I like progress pictures – here’s a few bonus images along the applique way!

flamingo house (2)

PS – Jessika, when I get to yours, I promise, handwork until my fingers fall off. Maybe sitting on a beach, maybe with a frosty beverage, maybe in a pink house…..


  1. Looks like everyone would like to help you out with this one, Susan. Maybe mail the project around and get each of us to do a little bit? Not such a great idea? Maybe I need to eat some brains.

    Yes, that little crab has some skinny legs. I would top stitch around him. And hand sew the yo-yo’s a few at a time. You can do it. Just plug along and get ‘er done!

    • Hey… I like that! Someone else finish it! 🙂

      Thanks for the advice, an overwhelming get r done!


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