Harry Potter Marauder’s Map themed Embroidered Cross Body Bag

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Harry Potter Marauder’s Map themed Embroidered Cross Body Bag

As part of a one on one Instagram swap, I made a Marauder’s Map themed Cross Body Bag. Check it out!

The front “opens” the map:

HarryPotterMaraudersMapBag (1)

The back “closes” it

HarryPotterMaraudersMapBag (2)

And someone walks up and down the sides.

HarryPotterMaraudersMapBag (4)


You may recognize this bag. I used the same pattern I used for the Harry Potter Bookshelf bag. Swing by that post for links to the pattern/designer and thoughts on the pattern. I clearly liked it since I made it twice!


The machine embroidery is all custom digitized files. I’m really enjoying this new bigger hoop! If you’d like them, I’ll send them to you (yes, for free). Just email susandowenby@gmail.com with your preferred file format. These are digitized for a 7 x 12 hoop. If you have a smaller size you’ll likely be able to split them without too much trouble.


I really hope that @invisagirl87 likes it as much as I did. I also hope she gets the chance to test out the strength of some of those super reinforced seams I put in there! If you’re interested in swapping with me, make sure to follow along on IG. I’m likely to offer to do another one in late May.


Here’s my little Slytherin modeling it!



  1. How do I order the Harry Potter bag?

  2. I love this and sent you an email about obtaining your files. Did you receive my email? I have a brother that uses PES files.

  3. Hi! I absolutely love this bag! Is it possible to order a bag from you?

  4. Can u order it? How much?

  5. I’m in LOVE

  6. Wow, what a fantastic bag. Love it.


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