Golden Girls Ditty Bag

Golden Girls Ditty Bag

So I mentioned I have a small obsession with the pod people over at Here’s the set of them that started it!

When I saw the pattern for these four, I immediately thought of a good friend and knew she had to have them. She’s a sunflower fan too – so really this Robert Kaufman print with goldwork was a quick winner. I think I like stitching these little folks because its something I can do finish in a few hours. There’s a bit of instant gratification (well, instant compare to my normal take forever projects).



Just for fun, I tried out my sewing machine’s alphabet. It’s a bit sloppy, but makes the point:




You can see, I struggled a bit with setting in the zipper on the right side. This isn’t a pattern, just me deciding I’m going to puzzle through making a bag until I figure out how to get it right. My first one was a bigger hot mess with way more lining than outside material and an even worse zipper set up. I half considered buying a commercial pattern with instructions. In the end, I’m going to keep on trying things out. Sometimes when the instructions tell you what to do, you miss out on a lot of what NOT to do. My stupid brain learns much better from mistakes than successes, so its a good thing, right?

Tshirt Winner!!

Earlier this week I showed you some tshirts and we played a guessing game on which ones I bought. Good news! A few of you guessed it correctly! Elise Lea was first in the US, I’m sending you email momentarily. 🙂

If you’re curious, I picked:

Made With Love and Carrots jpg

I really identify with this maker bunny! Just look at him, marching to the beat of his own drum, smiling and completely happy with his Frankenstein’s monster.  I’ve been calling the three looking at him scared, perplexed, and disinterested. I think it pretty much sums up the looks I’ve become used to. lol!!

Grim Repairs

Poor Death. This one made me lol. I don’t identify with him as much because I’m not an apparel maker, but I do sometimes feel his pain. Late nights – just a few more seams! Hang in there! CRAP. seam ripper.


  1. Love it!! Instructions?? mere suggestions, nothing more. lol Those little folks are perfect. 😉

    • hahah! Don’t tell me what to do mrs instruction! 🙂


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