Fringe Division Machine Embroidery

Fringe Division Machine Embroidery

The Harry Potter quilt has surely provided ample opportunity to learn to digitize and stitch on quilters cotton. Knits are a whole different ball game though! I’ve finally braved it and managed to actually embroider something on a shirt!


It isn’t going to win any major (or minor) embroidery awards, but I think it is a solid attempt none the less! The letters are TINY and can still be easily read. I only have a few issues with thread breaking and it was well centered and lined up without any issues. On the downside – I probably could have done a better job ordering some of the jump stitches and thread breaks.


The best part of this project? I found a super efficient way to line up designs. I borrowed ideas from just about everywhere including a facebook forum (sorry, I couldn’t find the original post) all the way to a multi-hoop craftsy class. At some point, I’ll do a full step by step tutorial, but for now, just the gist. I drew a set of perpendicular lines making the center of where I wanted the design. I hooped a piece of cut away and marked the left, right, and center points with the alignment grid. I then placed my paper template over the cross hairs and used the magic item…..



I put two layers of cork, the marked/hooped cut away stabilizer with double sided sided tape around the edges and finally the shirt with the placed paper template. Once all the layers were in place, I lined it up with push pins at the left, right, and center points. Now I just pressed it into the tape, removed the pins, and voila! I’m centered, floated, and ready to stitch!


Fun project! I hope the people are excited to receive it even though it took me months to get it done. (So sorry, I can be a real mess sometimes!)