Free .PES! Christmas Vacation Machine Embroidery Project

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Free .PES! Christmas Vacation Machine Embroidery Project

It’s no secret that I love movies and often talk in movie quotes. This is one my favorite quotes and given the season, it seemed like a good film to pull from.


Clark Griswold’s moment of frustration with Frank Shirley and his minions often rings through my head and I giggle every single time. As as matter of fact, I may have giggle snorted an embarrassing number of times while working on this.  I created the artwork from a few merged screen grabs. I simplified the color palette to make it more embroidery friendly and added details with the black lines. He’s stitched on two pieces of tulle turned 90 degrees from one another with stabilizers to hold them as still as possible. At some point, I will remove the extra stabilizer and tulle and mount the thread work. I have a lot of options on how to finish it and will wait until a have a few more quotes to decide exactly how to handle all of them.

I’ve never tried to do a whole 5×7 hoop in thread before and wasn’t too sure how it was going to work. I guess-ti-mated how much shifting there would be and just went for it to see what would happen. There are definitely some technical issues with this, but I learned a ton. I have some ideas on how to work those issues for another movie quote.

Learning Opportunities:

  • The first step stitches out what was supposed to be a support grid. I realized as soon as it started stitching it was actually a decorative stitch. Oops. It probably still helped, but not quite the support I was looking for. You could try leaving it off or putting in a proper support grid.
  • I didn’t properly account for the shift and the eyes/mouth ended up being a bit off. To fix that, I would put in the black thread into the stitch rotation ASAP instead of waiting to avoid a thread change.
  • There is a rouge stitch from the right eye to the top of the neck. I have no clue where that came from, but it does show though the flesh tone a bit.
  • I got really lazy towards the end of this digitizing and just started putting stuff in with little to no concern for jump stitches or logical order. It isn’t really a big deal, but also not very professional. I’ll work on that for sure.
  • I expected the letters to be much wider. Next time I might try a test stitch or adding pull compensation.
  • As with all of my embroidery, I choose colors as it stitches rather than via the software. The color list is just an approximation. If you’d like to know exactly what thread I used, I added a picture below.

Despite the opportunities, I still love this piece. The Taz coffee mug is worth the price of admission!

Download the File

If you’ve read all of the warning and you still snicker love it as much as I do, you’re welcome to grab the .pes file for your personal projects. If you use it, please be decent and link back to me.


Here’s the thread colors I used and the base artwork that I used for digitizing.





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  1. Best movie. It made me LOL. I think I have watched it every year, maybe more than once e a year.

  2. Love this!


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