Free EEP Template: Hand pieced and decorated Jack-o-Lanterns

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Free EEP Template: Hand pieced and decorated Jack-o-Lanterns

It probably comes as no surprise that I love all things Halloween. When there weren’t any Halloween swaps floating around this year, my good friend agreed to do a little mini swap. She seems to really dig handwork and makes some of the prettiest delicate things. I knew I couldn’t match her, but thought I’d at least try to work in a style more her taste than mine and manage to still be goofy. Here’s what I came up with:


They are so silly right? These pumpkins and I… I swear, I bet I arranged them about 100 ways to Sunday. They will fit together in one solid sheet, but I when had 16 of them all together, it was a bit overwhelming. I ended up taking them apart, spreading them around and attaching them to burlap with a machine zig zag stitch. I turned them into a bag after coming up with about 100 other uses. You could use some of those ideas – embellish a costume or trick or treat bag, put them on art canvas, make a large pumpkin patch for a wall hanging, or use them for small gift sized candy bags.


The Template

Download the printable template here in .pdf format!

The pumpkins are done with English Paper piecing using a octagon and square shape. You get 16 from each sheet printed.  The process is exactly the same as the standard EEP hexagon. There are roughly 1 million tutorials and videos out there on how to do it, google “English Paper Piecing Hexagon Tutorial” to find one or two of them. I prefer using a card stock weight paper and basting through the fabric (not paper).


Little Faces


My faces and lines are added by hand with a size 5 perle cotton straight stitch. There isn’t a lot scientific to this. In the extreme close up above you can see that the lines are “sketchy” at best. I really like that style and for me it was quite on purpose; however, you may like a neater approach. Nothing wrong with that! Spend as much or as little time as you want with their little faces. How about adding leaves or vines? Wouldn’t that be too cute for words?

Look what she made for me!

I’m pretty sure if there are winners and losers in this swap – I won! Check out these really great things I now have decorating my house (all year I might add!)


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Have fun with the template! If you make them, I’d love to see them. Questions, comments, no complaints – emails