Fosters in Photos

Fosters in Photos

I love to take photos of my foster puppies. Part of the challenge for me is to see what I can do with the simplest of tools. An iphone, au natural backgrounds, and a little patience. All cropping, editing etc is done with simple apple tools and a little support from photoshop mobile. Some of my recent favorites –


Johnny5: “Who me?”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (2)

 Dynomutt: “That’s the spot!”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (4)

Rosie: “Pensive”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (3)

Strawberry: “Just Chillin'”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (6)

Sam and Dean Winchester: “You rang?”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (8)

Luigi: “Relax, Man”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (7)

Patrick and Pearl: “Did somebody say CHEESE?”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (14)


Patrick and Pearl: “An outtake”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (15)

Sam Winchester: “Quilts, YAS!”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (12)

Sam Winchester: “Puppy Food? What puppy food?”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (10)

Patrick and Dean Winchester: “Love”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (13)

Luigi: “SideScape”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (9)

Sam Winchester: Hello!

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (11)

Runa: “Give me the treats Human”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (5)

Patrick: “Hey Hey Pretty lady!”

FosterPuppies2Pawfect (1)