I’m so glad you’re interested in my professional experience and education.

As an artist, I want to create things that I love. I want to encourage others to see art in unexpected places and discover new mediums and forms of expression. I strive to not only make beautiful things that are playful and have a sense of humor, but to inspire others to do so as well. I once summed up myself in a simple quote that rings true every time I read it:

“I’m very serious about what I do though what I do may not always be serious”

I have long suspected that there is no one in the universe that defines “jack of all trades, master of none” as well as I do. I LOVE to create. I love mixing and matching techniques from one medium to another to create new and unexpected expressions. Some of my favorite classes have been:

  • Thread painting seminar at John C Campbell
  • Hand building Ceramics at Cary Arts Center
  • Drawing Pencil/Charcoal at Carrboro Arts Center
  • Drawing Portraits at Carrboro Arts Center
  • Color Theory at Durham Arts Center

Professional Experience

Master of Sciece: Software Development

I have a bon-a-fide post-graduate degree in software development. My coursework was focused on Project Management, Technical Writing, and programming  databases.

Wordpress Development

You’re looking at one of my WordPress.org websites. I also manage several others for local businesses and non-profit groups. Interested in seeing them? Drop me an email and I’ll link you!

My Day Job

To fund all of this artsy fun, I’m development tester at a analytic software company. I’ve also been an application developer, a hardware technician, and tech support rock star.

Document! Document! Document!

Organizing information is one of my super powers! I’m quite adept at writing and editing technical documents, planning projects, and organizing resources.

Like what you see? I want to hear from you!

I love to hear from you! Blog comments, emails, or morse code, I want to know what you think! If you have any professional or artist opportunities I’d might be interested in, I want to hear about those too.

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