Dragon Con Survival Bag

Dragon Con Survival Bag

It’s time! It’s time! We’re on our way to Dragon Con! We’ll finish working with the schedule on the ride down. We’ve been to the store picked up plenty of hotel room meals and sundries in case something goes wrong. Never know when you’re going to need a band-aid or NyQuil! Pack a few good tshirts and make a pit stop plan and there’s nothing left to do but go!

In the spirit of preparing, I made myself a Dragon Con themed survival bag.


This bag and I went rounds. I never could get it exactly where I wanted it to go. You know how it is – you get an idea in your head then can’t find the right hardware? I added and removed handles a million times, broke two needles over the zipper, and cussed myself when I grabbed stabilizer instead of interfacing (yeah, must label scrap pieces!) At the end of the day, none of that really matters. It isn’t my grand vision, but does solve a lot of issues.

I added velcro close pockets and umbrella straps on the inside. I wanted the velcro pockets to keep my phone/chapstick/bandaids/etc accessible, but also to keep them difficult to access.


I know we’re mostly just a bunch of fun loving nerds that are there to celebrate whatever we love, but I can’t help being pragmatic. If I were a thief, it seems like a place where there are 60K+ people to bump would be an excellent place to pick up a few wallets. I added a zipper that closes to my front side and pulled the tabs over to “close” the sides. Now I know a real professional could probably get in there, but I’d like to think making it hard will make them look somewhere else.



If you’re curious – I consider the following items survival:

  • High sugar hard candy for a quick fix
  • Granola bars
  • Water
  • Umbrella (sometimes you gotta stand in the sun for a LONG time)
  • Notebook
  • Phone
  • Small first aid kit
  • Program Book/Map

We’ll certainly pick up items along the way from vendors etc and it is always nice to have somewhere to put it.

Photo Journal Project

I’m going to attempt a cell phone photo journal. I’m choosing a cell phone because it is easy to carry around and it creates a bit of a limitation. Getting nice interesting photos with nothing more than a cell phone may force me to actually talk to people. 🙂 I’m working with a general idea of two themes. The first is capturing the experience though the eyes of a con goer. There’s good, bad, asinine, fun, exhaustion, and weird viewing angles. I’m looking to tell it like it is and avoid fluffy everything is AMAZING photos. Secondly, I’m looking for off the beaten path photos. Sure it is awesome when a cos-player is proudly showing off their work in character. It is fun and exciting, but I’m always most impressed when you catch them being human and see the person behind the performance. Taking a break, talking on their cell phone, eating lunch, smoking, waiting in line. I love seeing a little bit of the actual human in there and think it is one of my favorite parts. If I can catch them, I’ll share them! Find them on instagram or friend me on my personal facebook page.


If you’re in the US, have a most excellent holiday weekend and I’ll see you all on the other side!!


  1. I hope you had a wonderful time at DragonCon. Delightful bag. I agree with you about adding closures.

    • I did have an absolute ball!! Can’t wait to go back in two years – assuming I can get somewhere to stay! 🙂

  2. Did you have a blast?! I’ve been to Dragon Con in the past, but don’t love the huge crowds anymore. What was your favorite part? How did the bag hold up?

  3. What a great bag – and perfect for where you are going. Also I would like to mention that I received my shirt in the mail yesterday and it fits perfect so thanks again! I love it!

  4. oh you nerdy crafter! I never heard which shirts you bought… Great idea for the bag and contents. LeeAnna Paylor

  5. I’m so looking forward to the pictures. Like everyone I have to pick and choose the events I get to attend. This one didn’t make the list this year. Maybe next time or a closer con. Your enthusiasm is catching!

  6. Oooh what a nice bag! I’m going to Quiltcon in February and already trying to decide which bag to take–it’s serious business!


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