Denyse Schmidt Solids Obsession

Denyse Schmidt Solids Obsession

So. I have a problem. I freely admit it. I love this box of fabric……



Like really love. So much so that when I bought my first box, I wouldn’t open it and use it. It made me sad to see think of the beautiful rainbow of not quite full hue colors being separated from one another. I just wanted to hug and pet them just the way they were! I seriously had to buy a second box so I could crack into the first!

I wanted to use them and keep them. Since you can’t have your cake and eat it too, I decided to put them together with my favorite pattern – simple patchwork. I had tons of denim laying around so I made 9 patches alternating a color with the denim both right side up and upside down.



I’d never really worked with denim before so I didn’t notice that mine had a little stretch to it. It warped it a bit, but I’ve never been known to care about things like that! Now I have a nice wall hanging that displays all the colors nicely. Perhaps I should actually hang it on the wall. Sigh.