Autumn Faerie Treasure Jar

Autumn Faerie Treasure Jar

About a year ago, I came across a site, Poly Clay Play, that sells polymer clay supplies and some project files. I saw the Autumn Faerie Treasure Jar by Lori Jarrett. I thought it would be fun to try to make so I bought the instructions and went for it.

Want the instructions? Get them here!

I really enjoyed this project. The instructions were clear, full of photos and didn’t require a lot of specialized tools (I used a rock from the landscaping for texture rather than the texture plates suggested). Lori goes through each step and does not assume or take for granted the readers prior experience. I did this three or four times with different colors and techniques until I finally realized it was pretty great as Lori had it and I made it with just a few adjustments for supplies I had on hand. I was also less aggressive with the final paint wash, though I think the darker colors would have been fine too. To me, this project is all about texture. Each piece of the jar gets a slightly different texture treatment that creates a cohesive and fun to view jar.

I also want to encourage you to check out Poly Clay Play. Whenever possible, I go out of my way to support smaller businesses and stay out of the big box stores. Trish is an excellent, communicative business owner that followed through with every promise she made. She even followed through when I wasn’t expecting it. I was impressed enough that a year later, I’m telling you to go buy form her when you can. Another bonus – They keep a record of all of your purchases – which means – when you lose your PDF like I did, you can go right back, log in, and grab another copy. Thanks a million Trish – I promise when I’m back in the polymer clay market I’ll be stopping by!

I don’t have a lot of additional projects that I can say were directly inspired by this tutorial. (too much time at the sewing machine and not enough time with clay!) This project was my introduction into pearl-ex powders. I love the finish it creates and they are quite fun to work with. I had a good groupon and bought a set of 32 that are a great size for working with polymer. At the moment, I only have one sample of where I’ve used the pearl-ex, but there will be more in the future!

The floor tiles are shiny IRL, they look like the inside of a clam shell.

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  1. Goodness! Such fine detail!


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