Camping with the Stars

Camping with the Stars

The North Carolina Quilt Symposium sponsored by Capital Quilters in Raleigh is coming up June 2 – 5, 2016. One of the opportunities attendees have is to make an 18″ star themed quilt for a silent auction to benefit Military Missions in Action. Since I’m an attendee, I made this quilt


This is really not what I set out to make. Some projects really surprise me when they come around to their finish. I wanted to do something with the big dipper. I started tinkering with layouts and designs and thought they were generally boring and in some cases a little trite. I thought – well, what if I added a mountain range to create more of a landscape. Then I thought about those fantastic photos of the glowing tents with a starry sky stretching for miles and miles and miles. I was pretty sure I couldn’t duplicate that feeling in fiber, but I thought I could nod towards it. I’m not positive that this is a 100% successful piece, but I’m still proud of it and hope someone will buy it!

Putting it together

If you’re curious, here is how it came together. I started with a 1:1 size drawing on tracing paper. I just fudged in the mountains and the sky lines and used a source image of a glowing tent to draw the basic shapes.


I then broke into my precious box of Densye Schmidt modern solids fat quarter collection. I didn’t just want a dark sky so I used lots of variation of colors in the same-ish values. I don’t think any of the colors were repeated. I matched up the colors with their numbers and labeled them so I wouldn’t lose track.


I cut and auditioned the colors.


At this point, I decided to just give it a try and went ahead and turned all the edges and appliqued my pieces.

CampingWithTheStarsQuilt3 (5)

Now it needed a little bit of rest. I washed it to both get rid of things like glue and starch then laid it flat to dry overnight.

CampingWithTheStarsQuilt3 (2)

I added some thread details like the grass around the tent, the swirly in the sky and the french knot stars.

CampingWithTheStarsQuilt3 (6)

Then I quilted it. I used a metallic thread in the sky to give it a little bit of actual twinkle as well as very few hot fix crystals.

CampingWithTheStarsQuilt3 (3)

After that, there was nothing left to do but bind her up and put my name on it.

CampingWithTheStarsQuilt3 (4)

I’ve never contributed anything to a silent auction before and I have to be honest. It is a little scary. Maybe I’ll have to put a bid in myself just to make sure it doesn’t get left behind!

If you’re local, be sure to go by and check out the quilt show. The Harry Potter Quilt as well as Doxstar’s Flight will be there. They are so much more fun in person!