ArtSpark at Raleigh SPARKcon 2015

ArtSpark at Raleigh SPARKcon 2015

Another year, another street painting event for Emily and me at VAE’s SPARKcon in downtown Raleigh. Y’all – we have so much fun with this and really truly look forward to it every year. This year we weren’t sure who would be coming and going to paint with us so we grabbed two squares and waited right up until the night before to decide what to do with them. It ended up being just her and I doing all the painting, but we had some most excellent friends and family come down to cheer us on and support our efforts. We love you guys – thanks so much for coming!!

Bob, Bob, Bob, and Billy


Over the years we’ve participated, we always seem to do something alien. Emily is all about the emojis so we thought this pop art-esque style of alien emojis would be a fun mash up of lots of little personal details. Turns out it was! You may notice the background has pinwheel quilt blocks, the alien color choices are all Emily and the title is a little bit of an inside joke that we think is painfully funny. We did start with a few lines measured in but for the most part these guys are hand doodled so they are not all quite the same. Because I love process so much, I’ll show you a few pictures of it coming together.


And this picture – isn’t it so cool??


Bob in Space

In our second square, Emily was patient with me and let me get this stupid astronaut and his moon balloon out of my system. He’s been floating about in my brain for several weeks now and I just don’t have the time to design and execute a fabric project. She helped me make several of the color and layout decisions and we just went for it. We had TONS of oil spots in this square that do not like the chalk. It seems to be ok though and just sort of vanishes into the sky. Lucky break maybe?


Here’s one of my favorites of Bob on his way to being a whole square:


If anyone is considering giving this a try – I say please please please do! Follow SPARKcon on Facebook and keep an eye out in late August or early September to sign up for a square. It is only $10 and they do provide chalk (I believe our awesome local art store Jerry’s Artarama pays for much of that chalk). The family squares are so much fun. They are low stress and open to all ages with varied skill levels. People are generally in a good mood, they are open to sharing, and there is all sorts of collaboration from here to there and everywhere in between! The best moments are when someone comes by and connects with your artwork for whatever personal reason they may have. Every year I can think of at least one person that visibly enjoyed what we put out there. This year was a lady who really liked Bob the astronaut. She didn’t say why she connected with him, but she did come by several times as we were painting him and took lots of pictures. She said she just loved him and he inspired her to work on a project of her own. Really – is there a higher compliment?

While we were out and about

One of these years we’re going to get a hotel room and just spend the whole weekend down there so we can connect with all of the daytime and nighttime activities. Seriously, if I don’t get to swearSPARK to watch people try to draw the word “fuckface”, I might implode. Maybe I’ll find a SPARKsitter for next year. Anywho – we did get to see a few things right from our square and few more milling around a bit.

Because it made me D’awwww

I went back and peeked at 2014 and 2013‘s posts and I could hardly stand how fast time flies by. It hit me in the feels a little so I’ll save you the clicks – check us out…


Ok. I’m together now and looking forward to next year. Emily has already made a list and wants to try to practice in the cul-de-sac over the winter. Maybe we’ll just have to do that!

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