Approved by #5, The Futurama Quilt: Index of all posts

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Approved by #5, The Futurama Quilt: Index of all posts

Approved my #5 is a fan art quilt I’ve put together as a gift for a friend. There’s tons of Futurama goodness here – and tons of tips and tidbits I discovered while making it. Following is the “BIG LIST” of all the posts related to this quilt with short synopsis of the information in the post. I hope you find something useful and as always – ask any questions you have, I’m happy to help!

Want to start with the big reveal? Check out this post!



 WP_20131109_010 Introduction:This first post is a teaser introducing the quilt and showing off all the fun solids that go into it. There’s quite a bit of discussion on pre-washing and a quick tip to help avoid that annoying fraying in the machine.
 covers Design and Planning: In this first look I walk through some of my failed ideas and how I landed on this set of art for my quilt. There’s a sneak peek of Leela and a short description of what is coming.
 LeliaQuiltSquare Leela: This post talks about how to make the applique templates yourself or how to use my pre-sized downloadable templates. There’s a description of fabrics purchased for the entire project.You’ll also get Leela’s 15″ x 20″ template, her shopping list, and a few special notes for her panel.
 BenderQuiltSquare Bender’s Turn!In Bender’s post, I show you how I think about the art to split the applique pieces into large layered sections. There’s helpful graphics and Bender’s printable template with color palette.
 FryQuiltSquare Here’s Fry! In this post we take a look at how these panels came together with two magic items, Freezer Paper and 505 Spray Baste. There’s a genius invention in here too!As always, Fry’s printable template and color palette are included.
 ZoidBergQuiltSquare We’re finally stitching! Zoidberg’s post is all about the zig zag stitch. Check out the stabilizer of choice, some failed experiments, and advice on how to pick your thread colors.As with all of the posts, Zoidberg’s included his printable template and color palette.
 AmyQuiltSquare In Amy’s Post, I walk through a few of the tougher areas to zig zag like points and small circles.A good question about fraying came up and was answered in the But Will it Fray PostTemplates, color palettes and a few tips are all here!
 HypnoToadSquare In Hypnotoad’s panel I had to make some decisions regarding using thread or fabric to recreated some of the artwork. I also discover a genuis little trick for getting the color I want the fabric to be.Hypnotoad’s template and color palette are available here too!(All Glory to They Hypnotoad!)
 FuturamaLogo The logo came together a little differently than the other panels. Stop by this post for the template, some tips, and alternate options for creating the logo.
 MorboThreadPainting The Morbo label is a fun little thread painting. This quick post shows you a few WIP photos as well as links to a complete thread painting tutorial.

And much more! We’ve reached completion of the BACK of the quilt! The work on the front and customized quilting will be coming soon after the back is complete.