Alice in Wonderland’s Dressing Room

Alice in Wonderland’s Dressing Room

Here’s another thing I made for an instagram swap. Through stalking, I found my swap-ee was an Alice in Wonderland fan. I set out to make Alice’s outfit in the Disney style of simple blue dress with white apron. Both fortunately and unfortunately, I lost my way and she because more 50’s looking. I, of course, love the retro style though it may not have been the right finish for my swap-ee. (sorry 🙁 )


As always, while completely happy with the outcome, I learned some things from this project. If I started all over again, I would make a few different decisions. I think I would just pick up some Barbie hose or tights. I struggled like nobody’s business to make those and they still would fit an amazon woman. I would REALLY re-think the shoes. I gave too much credit to finishing and they look more like blobs than shoes to me. I’d probably use more a circle skirt cut rather than an A-line cut. I’d also make that damn spade about half the size. I’m still mad I made it so big! There are things I love about it. Like the pockets on the apron. D’awwww! I do enjoy the 3D effects and really like the shape of the body form.


Here’s some photos along the way…..