TBZ goes to Japan: Pre-Flight and something to ponder

TBZ goes to Japan: Pre-Flight and something to ponder

Funny how brave I am right up until the minute it is time to put my money where my mouth is. Here’s a fact, with a few small domestic exceptions, I’ve never really been anywhere more than a couple hundred miles from home. Up until this trip, I didn’t even have a passport. When we decided to do this, I came up with this brilliant idea that I wanted to allow the experience to be what it wanted to be. I abandoned all my Clark Griswold planning tendencies and decided to just go with it. I honestly believe discovery can be an amazing thing and I can’t discover if I’m too busy walking the straight and narrow. Now that it is time to hop on that plane, I’m a little concerned about my discovery plan. As a matter of fact the anxiety is raging. I’m worried about pretty much everything and I’m homesick before I even leave home. I just keep telling myself that I’m not going to the moon and I will be fine and everyone will be here when I get back, they might even be glad to see me. This is going to be OK, maybe even great.

I’ve managed to put everything I think I need for two weeks into a backpack and a large suitcase, both with plenty of room to add things on the way back. I’ll be sporting the most boring “I don’t care if these jeans and plain tshirts are lost” wardrobe known to man, but at least I don’t have to worry about my bloody bunny shirt never coming home. I have a small hand project and entire season of Justified to keep me busy on the planes. Add to that a passport, a few snacks, a couple of dollars, and my phone. I think I’m ready.

A little life lesson:


As part of the journaling project, I’m looking for things to think about and question along the way, maybe they will lead to a few life changes. I have to wonder, if I find an odd sense of comfort by getting everything I think I need for two weeks in these small bags, would I feel less anxiety if I worked towards minimalist living at home too?

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  1. So cool!! I will follow you on this trip with great pleasure! Cannot wait to read all about your adventures! Have fun!


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