TBZ goes to Japan: Flying sucks, but it is worth it.

TBZ goes to Japan: Flying sucks, but it is worth it.

We started off with a flight that went through Canada, which means I finally had the opportunity to try a Tim Horton’s doughnut. Too bad we had to wait an hour….

TBZTokyoTrip2016 (2)

Have you ever?! Turns out, it was worth it. I won’t say the doughnut tops my favorite, Krispy Kreme, but I will say that I’ll eat more of them should I find myself at another Tim’s. We made it to Tokyo after what seems like days traveling. I’ve never been on a flight more than five hours or so. As it turns out, Susan gets airsick about hour 5.5. I didn’t think the plane would ever land, it just kept flying and flying and flying and my tummy turned inside out inside out inside out. I managed not to ralph so 10 points to Hufflepuff!


See my dot there?? We’re totally for realz here. The iphone agrees. After some much needed rest, we woke up to less than stellar weather.

TBZTokyoTrip2016 (3)

The snow and ice wasn’t so terrible. You can see they jumped right on clearing paths and making it safe to walk; however, it rained and rained and rained. Cold, heavy rain. We did our best to go out in it, but were quickly turned back by the sheer misery. We did manage to spot this sign for the quilt show we’re headed to…

TBZTokyoTrip2016 (5)

Squee!! Exciting! When the rain let up, we managed to get our jet lagged butts out to find an oragmi “museum”. It seems to me it was more a shop with a few floors of oragmi to sell the papers, but interesting none the less. Check out this wall of paper.

TBZTokyoTrip2016 (6)

It’s like a big old fabric shop right?? Except when you touch it, it is paper. There were tons of choices with all sorts of lovely textures and interesting prints. I’m so glad I don’t have a paper problem, I could have spent a mint in there!

The next two days are a bit of blur. We took a few trains here and there. Checked out all sorts of shopping and walked through several of the Wards. It is amazing how much personality each one of them has. It is almost like moving from one city to another. The people here are really fantastic. Just like all the stories I’ve heard, they are polite, thoughtful and courteous to the people around them. Everything is so clean. The streets, the cars, the bathrooms, even the subway! It is quite a welcome change from big American cities. It has been so interesting to watch. Some other things I learned…

I’m too big for some of the tables

TBZTokyoTrip2016 (4)

Moats are awesome and should be brought back

TBZTokyoTrip2016 (27)

I really like it when my plate is decorated

TBZTokyoTrip2016 (15)

Here’s a few more photos of random spots that I happened to be taking pictures. I’d tell you more about them, but don’t know the details! We’ve managed to navigate without too much trouble despite the roads being a little wonky (it isn’t city blocks like I’m used to), but with so many maps, signs, etc in Japanese means I miss a lot of the details of where I’m actually at. Heck – it even took us two days to figure out why every map we stopped at on the street seemed to be oriented in a different direction – they were! North isn’t always up.

I’m starting to feel less and less of the jetlag feeling. I even managed to stay awake for 16 hours straight. I’m so glad because tomorrow we get to go The International Great Quilt Festival and I don’t want to miss a second! Ta Ta for now, see you in a few days with QUILTS!

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  1. Hey tour mate, enjoying your blog as much as I enjoyed getting to know you! What a great group to spend 10 days seeing amazing JAPAN! Someday, cherry blossoms? Mary D

  2. Awesome post! The trip looks amazing :) Glad you got to taste a Tim’s donut…though I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wait in line an hour for one!

  3. It’s great that you’re getting out and about! It may be confusing, navigating Tokyo, but at least it’s safe.

    I’ll bet the show is astounding; I have seen pictures from Yokohama shows.

  4. Great post! I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself. Konichiwa!


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