TBZ goes to Japan: Fabric Shopping and Shrines

TBZ goes to Japan: Fabric Shopping and Shrines

For our last few days in Tokyo, we visited a few shrines and lots of fabric shopping. First we stopped at Quilt Party, Yoko Saito’s shop. It is super cute with lots of fun fabric, eye candy books, bag hardware, and interesting notions.

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (1)TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (2)

Like any good quilter in a fabric shop, I spent my fair share of cash on new prizes to bring home and pet for a while. I picked up two kits and a few small collections of the beautimus muted textured fabric.

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (3)

Following Quilt Party we visited Sensoji Temple.

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (10)

We learned how to purify ourselves

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (7)

Then we had our fortunes read. Seems like mine was OK

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (8)

But Christine’s didn’t turn out so well. She had to leave hers tied to the bad rack

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (9)

If you look you may see the two three kids in kimonos. When I first saw them, I thought maybe they were doing something interesting, but what is actually in their hands are cell phones. They are taking photos of one another. The tour guide said it is likely the kimonos were rented which is apparently a common thing to do at this shrine. I still really like them in the picture though!

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (6)

Here’s another picture just because I like it

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (5)

Looks cold out there doesn’t it? Because it is! The threat of snow was overhead all day long, but luckily never came. The color makes for a nice back drop to this shopping street with all of the red and white decorations.

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (11)

We also spotted this fella making some sort of cakes with chocolates in them. He really had a rhythm going and was super efficient even though he wasn’t pushing out more than a dozen every few minutes or so.

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (12)

Next we went shopping in Nippori for fabric shopping. All I can say is that I am painfully jealous. There are so many shops and so many choices in every type of fabric. Little button shops, accessories, notions, just about anything you may need in a wide variety of colors and prints. It makes our at home options seem even more limited then they already did! You do have to be a little fit for it. Lots of stairs, crowd pushing, and ground to cover. I didn’t take too many photos, but here’s one of Tomato

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (4)

The precut shop was lots of fun. Between the two or three shops + quilt party, this is my little haul.

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (13)

Fun right? Then we were off to Meiji Shrine.

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (16)

It’s a lovely shrine were we paid our money to the deity and made a wish. World Peace is coming your way by the by. As it turns out, it is a popular place for weddings. We saw three brides and they were all very different and very beautiful.

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (17)TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (20)TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (21)

Here’s a few more pictures from around the shrine because I like them!

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (14)TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (15)TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (18)TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (19)

After visiting the shrine, we went back to HariJuku (more photos in previous post here) where we ran into interesting advertising.

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (22)

And concern for our safety

TokyoTBZTourFabricShrine (23)

Looking for quick and cheap dinner we stopped at McDonalds where this most awesome of McDonalds toys ever made entered my collection.


Go ahead, get your jealous on.

That’s it for Tokyo! We headed out tomorrow to visit and enjoy the Sashiko museum and Itchiku Kubota’s Kimono museum at the base of Mount Fuji. Living the dream y’all!


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