WWIT: Zelda Stained Glass Embroidered Denim Shirt, Download the Files!

WWIT: Zelda Stained Glass Embroidered Denim Shirt, Download the Files!

What?? You stopped by this post? You must not have read through the trouble spots I hit while embroidering this shirt. Or maybe you did. Maybe you’re just as crazy as I am and want the shirt (or whatever you choose to embroider) so much that you don’t care about the risk!  I like you.


Let me just lay out a few fair warnings – this is not for the faint of heart. There are over 250K stitches and it literally takes hours and hours and hours to get through. You really need some embroidery software that can simulate and preview the stitch order. Do NOT depend on the color codes embedded in the files.  Here’s what my Swordfish Style embroidery area looked like when I got started!

Here we go!! This crazy #machineembroidery project is going to require its own extra table!! Wish me luck!

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Make decisions about which colors you’re going to use where and WRITE IT DOWN. You don’t get all of the pink hearts in a single hoop and you want to make sure you use the right pink the second or third time around. Make sure you have all of your best tools including printed templates, pins (that may get bent and never seen again), plenty of stabilizer, your favorite centering tools, 5 – 7 wound bobbins, a fresh pack of needles, seam rippers, excellent scissors and misc marking devices.

If you’re still willing to give it a go – download this zip file in .pes format. Have at it!! If you try it, I SO want to see it!

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