Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Mid-project celebration!

Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Mid-project celebration!

The inside is done! The inside is done! The inside is done! You can’t see it, but I’m so doing the happy dance! I’ve had a ball with these books. I’ve learned so much I can hardly stand it. I’ve loved coming up with the different ideas and sharing the experience with other people working on the similar quilts.


At first I was sad when I made it to the last shelf. It was so final and the last place I could add or remove objects. It started to become apparent that somethings would have to go and other things wouldn’t make it. As I started working though that last shelf, I reached a bit of peace and found myself very ready to be finished.  Curious why? I was so here are some numbers:

  • 7 months
  • 62 sketch book pages of doodles and thoughts
  • 926 files/folders related to embroidery patterns
  • 750,000 (est.) machine embroidery stitches
  • 115 (est.) fabrics used 160 (est.) fabrics purchased (oops!)
  • 3 redesigned blocks
  • 2 failures
  • 11 best ideas ever  – cut for space constraints
  • 13 + restricted section Mashups
  • 2 large time consuming math errors (damn that seam allowance!)
  • 2 temper tantrums

This quilt did not start out to be so complex. As a matter of fact, I had intended it to be a “side project”. Side project – I lol at the thought now. I’d like to tell you that the inside being done makes the quilt close to done, but that is a lie. I still have the outside of the shelves, a few more embroidery files to digitize, and an ambitious final embellishment plan. I’ve decided to quit trying to keep it as small as possible and take the space I need making it roughly 72 x 90. THEN – I have to quilt it! I wish I could say I thought I’d be done around September, but sometime next year is a much more reasonable estimate. Sigh. As Mr. Walt Disney says –  Keep Moving Forward.

See – I’m even thinking about it:


While I still have a good little ways to finishing this quilt, it sure was fun to stop and celebrate a bit.


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