Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt Week 22

Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt Week 22


So, I was thinking. Let’s say for giggles that I’m a total muggle completely oblivious to all of the wizards around me. Maybe some of my other favorite pop culture stories are true too. And maybe some of the books that caused trouble in these worlds have found their way to Hogwarts. It seems like the only place to keep them is in the “restricted” section and the only person to guard them is Madame Pince. Before you let me have it, I know my Mme Pince doesn’t really look like JK’s. I have a tendency to associate book characters with people I know. I won’t tell you who I mentally modeled Madame Pince after, but this is kind of what she looks like in my mind.

The Letters

The letters are made from the super cheapo felt you buy in sheets near the feathers and other decorative do dads in big box craft sotres. I used Sulky’s Ultra Solvy as a stabilizer and stitched them out like mini appliques. I sewed them onto a chain with a hand stitch and little tiny skull beads between them. It isn’t immediately obvious in the picture, but the type of chain I’m using  (micro chain link) isn’t working so well. It crinks and the letters go all over the place. I’m planning on switching them to a different type of chain, I’m thinking one like a fan pull would be perfect if I can find a small lightweight one.

Create the template

Hoop the water soluble stabilizer stitch out the first set of guide lines. Create a template with tracing paper over one of the lines.


Cut Backgrounds

Cut 10 letter backs from your felt using the tracing paper template


Baste and Tack Down

Use a quilter’s spray baste like 505 on the back of your felt pieces. Place one felt piece over each die line and stitch them down.


Finish the stitch out

Finish up the stitch out. I found that the extra tack down stitch before the satin outline caused a lot of problems with shredding and breaking. I started  skipping most of the tack down stitch and only doing the satin stitch around the outside.


Remove and soak the letters

Remove the letters from the stabilizer and soak them to get rid of the stabilizer.


Ta Da! Restricted Section!

Madame Pince

My Mme Pince is raw edge applique with fusible web. I started with my printable drawing. I traced out the lines I need on tracing paper to create a template. One day I’ll show you all of the steps, but it fairly similar to how I made the Furturama appliques.


The Embroidery Files

Here’s the file for the RESTRICTED section in .pes, .jef, and .vp3.


Want More?

Check out the TBZ’s Harry Potter Quilt index. It is full of links including a link to the original project and patterns as well as links to any of TheBoredZombie.com’s related posts and other custom blocks complete with downloadable embroidery patterns or applique templates. You can also see more about my machine and software in this post.



  1. I love this quilt! I want to download the spines for the “restricted” books, but I don’t see them. Only the letters for the “Restricted” banner are available. Am I missing something? I certainly appreciate you sharing all of your digitizing hard work.

    • Nevermind! I found them in Week 21.

  2. Another great addition to this quilt! Someday I will learn my embroidery software. Someday.


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