The Sunday Geekery: The geekdom is strong this week…

The Sunday Geekery: The geekdom is strong this week…

Check out what nerdy things I’ve been up to….

SAS Global Forum Users Conference

I spent the first part of the week in Dallas, Texas talking to SAS users about various database access and ETL products I work on as part of the R&D testing team for those products. The conference was really well done and well organized. I sat in several user paper presentations that were all excellent and interesting. I had so many great conversations with different customers and co-workers and loved being surrounded by people that get SO EXCITED about data and math. Some of these people are true genius level thinkers and really have something to say and to contribute.

These people are looking at a screen that is mostly code in a text editor, not flashy at all, but do you see how checked in an interested they are?

TBZAtlantaDallas (4)

Putting together large groups of people that share a passion is truly a beautiful thing. It is a great normalizer with common ground that creates so much opportunity for conversation and inspiration. I do hope to go again in the future!


TBZAtlantaDallas (5)

Here’s a few pictures I took around town. Check out the train with Texas flags in front of the skyline, it is a double decker and decorated, awesomesauce!


I spent a ton of hours in the Dallas Convention Center and needed a little bit of breather. When I was invited to tag along with a group to a Texas Rangers game, I couldn’t resist. We ate everything in that ball park and may have been a little punchy on the way back to the hotel.

I was shocked to learn two things about professional baseball. One, they don’t have the silly little games between innings like sumo wresting and go-carting mascots. I was totally bummed! Two,¬† <insert stupid toy> night here is a real thing and not an overwrought joke from Basketball. Imagine my excitement when we showed up on Derek somebody Garden Gnome night. lol. I’m fascinated with this thing. It is clearly a recast from another¬† figure (I’m thinking leprechaun) and the paint job is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. I intend to dud this guy up as a custom in the future…. be on the lookout!


TBZAtlantaDallas (6)

Oh! and look at these Boston Marathon lobster shoes I spotted on a lady on the plane. She’s my hero!

TBZAtlantaDallas (7)


Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses

I barely made it home from Dallas and we packed in the car to Atlanta to see Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses performed by the Atlanta Symphony. The show was really well done and thoughtful. I would have liked to see more of the crowd pops and nods to our favorite Zelda moments (stuff like playing the “found a secret” noise or letting the chickens attack Link when he kicks them), but overall it was an excellent show. Similar to SAS Global Forum, the best part is being around the people who love it too. I saw all of my favorite Zelda T-shirts including one I’d never seen. I swear, there was at least one 3DS for every two people. I expected a lot more cos-players in the Atlanta area, but the ones that came out were well done and fun.

TBZAtlantaDallas (11)

The best part of the show, by far, is the collective crowd noise when they played something that touched a nerve, like the fairy song. It is nice to know I’m not the only weird-o that is emotionally connected to these things! They recently added a show date for Durham and I’ll surely see it again!

Since we spent 12+ hours in the car in less than 32 total hours, we had some time on our hands. Remember way back when I told you about some YA novels I had read and enjoyed? The first one in the series, Cinder, was on for 4 bucks so we listened to it and my kid loved it too! Now she’s trying to figure out how we can spend another 40 or so hours in the car to listen to the rest of them. I suggested she just read them… ha!

Good to be home

All that traveling has worn us out! I’m glad to be home, but now I have about a million things to do to get back on track with a normal schedule.


See you soon (after a really long nappy wappy) with a new Harry Potter Quilt block!!


  1. Do you realize it is now September 8th, and you haven’t posted on your blog since May 3, 2015!! I miss your blog posts……8-/

  2. did we have a good time ?? LOL Looks like ya did !!!

  3. I went to a Final Fantasy concert and it was similar. So many great memories evoked by the songs, which are really beautiful on their own, and the reaction of the crowd showed how much connection everyone has to the game and the songs.

  4. We have the Zelda symphony show coming to Orlando in July. I’ve never played the game but I’ve heard great things about the score so I’m looking forward to working that show.


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