Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 17

Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 17


This block is pretty straight forward. I had a little more practice with the multi-hoop digitizing with Men Who Love Dragons Too Much. I learned that you really have to make concessions for solid fills like in Ireland’s flag on Dragon Species of Great Britain and Ireland. When I digitized the flag shape, I put the fills right next to each other. Since I see small spaces between each color, I can think that next time I should given each section a small overlap with the one next to it.

This block and the one next to it is a big old nod to Hagrid and Norbert. The dragon scales are a product called Anglina Fusible Film. The film fuses to itself and Anglina fusible fibers. Typically people use it for making fairy wings and such in sculptures. I found that I could sew though it and gets some spiffy effects. I don’t think it would work well if the quilt (or garment) was going to have lots of handling and heavy washing, but for my purposes it is just fine and takes a fair amount of abuse. The cool thing about the film that you can’t see in the picture is it changes colors as it reflects light. It really looks like scales and shines in low light situations.  I put a dragon scale skin inside the egg which is all done with raw edge applique. I had really big plans of this egg with some texture tricks and other ideas, but decided my shelves were getting a bit overwrought. I felt like it needed a little dead space to rest a bit and – I might have something with wings that needs a home. If I were doing it all over again, I’d probably give the egg a little lean rather than the magic balancing act it is doing now. Again – I’m looking forward to the quilting because it is going to help disguise a lot of these things.

Note: Anglina fusible doesn’t start to look really cool until it is fused. It will not fuse to fabric, only itself.  I sewed it to a piece of fabric first on the embroidery machine, then hit it with the iron to get the cool colors and reflective properties. The film is transparent. Mine is on a black fabric background which really pops the greens and purples. Final note – it stinks when it gets hot!

The Embroidery Files

Want them? You got it. Download them in .pes, .jef, and .vp3 by clicking this link.

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  1. Hello! I love all your embroidery files. I am getting back into embroidery, I haven’t done it in many years. I noticed on the dragon wings there is a line in the file. Is that actual stitching? If i decide not to applique the wing fabric, will those lines be in the design?


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