The Sunday Geekery: Cinderella is worth your time

The Sunday Geekery: Cinderella is worth your time

I feel ridiculous even writing this post. Those of you that know me in real life, know I have a fundamental issue with the general idea of “find a prince” stories (except for the villains, I always love the villains). I know Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora were products of their time so I give their movies a little bit of free pass for being so focused on happiness = man catching; however, it doesn’t stop me from wanting to vomit a bit when the whole story arch is about moving up a station or two through marriage.  Despite my fear of two hours of eye rolling I took my kid to see the new live action version of Cinderella.

Y’all – I love this movie.


This film is beautiful. The IMDB movie page lists six art directors. It doesn’t take long of looking at their credits to see why the imagery in the film was so striking. Even in a simple promo photo from Disney, you can see lots of thought went into every single detail. I swear, the inside of Cinderella’s house is the most interesting part of the movie. SO many things to see!


The costumes, hair, and make up is flat out amazing and oh so quirky and detailed. Just OMG. I couldn’t wait to see what the step sisters were going to wear from one scene to the next. When I came home, I immediately starting hitting the google for info on the custom designers and found an interesting Vanity Fair article. Here’s an fun except:

To convey a weightless, flowing dress, the voluminous skirt was composed of more than a dozen fine layers of fabric that included crepeline silk, printed polyester, and iridescent nylon in different shades of blue and turquoise. Underneath those layers, James wore a corset and petticoat. In the end, nine versions of Cinderella’s ball gown were created, each featuring more than 270 yards of fabric and 10,000 Swarovski crystals. It took 18 tailors and 500 hours to complete per dress.

I believe it! While you’re on Vanity Fair’s page, check out the wedding dress. Jaw dropping even in its relative simplicity.

Here’s where the film really surprised me  – it is good! It is a sweet and thoughtful retelling of an older somewhat flat love story. Giving the prince personality and letting them have playful moments is a lot of fun. They have some pretty steamy sub-text in some of the scenes too – oh la lah!


I’m so looking forward to this one hitting home viewing. I can’t wait to watch through it again when I can stop it on interesting scenes and get a really good look at everything there is to see! I highly recommend checking it out while it is still in the theaters.


See! Even a simple scene is well thought out and lovely lovely lovely. So much thought and detail in this film. If you’re on the fence about this one, jump off of it right the theater!


If you’re curious – my favorite princess by a mile is Tiana. My princess is all about having a dream – and a job. I love that she works hard to master her skill. I love that she has vision and ideas. I love that she finds room for a significant other, but doesn’t move her whole life for him.  I love that she’s beautiful all the way through, but not defined by her appearance. And I love that she has a job, did I mention the job?



  1. I love a good retelling of a fairy tale, especially when it adds depth to the characters and story! I haven’t seen Cinderella yet, but I really want to. I finally saw Maleficent last week and really enjoyed it, I love the new take on the story!

  2. I have to see Cinderella (I was able to see Leslie Ann Warren in a ballet production of it when I was young..she was so nice to us afterwards! in our school auditorium way before she made it big and then on TV again). I have seen everyone since then, The Frog Prince was so cute. Tiana is the total epitome of an american woman today (as we are always looking for our princes when we are single and she found one ala Grace Kelly!).
    I never brought my girls up on the picket fence, and a prince in shining armour as ya know it just doesn’t exist any more (no longer in the Leave it to Beaver stage of life!lol). My granddaughters I have told them hard work and perseverance is the way of life (don’t put things on a credit card you cannot afford to pay off in 6 months, or bounce checks etc..). Life is work, play, work to play !LOL
    Glad you got to see it !

  3. Ya know, I’ve never seen The Frog Prince. I suppose I really should one of these days. They were showing Cinderella on the last Disney cruise that we took but I didn’t get a chance to see it. With having a 5 year old, we saw Big Hero 6 as a family, my husband saw Cinderella one evening, and I opted to see Into the Woods on another evening. He also thought that the film was artistically beautiful. I definitely need to catch this one once it goes to video.